Nhl signings

there’s been a whack of nhl signings in the last two days, as well as a big trade (pronger to edmonton).

a radio report has nazzy signing for vancouver tomorrow. does this mean foppa is close behind?

It’s gonna be a whole new league.
Half of the teams are going to have completely different lineups.

Amonte & Iginla on the Flames!
Holik centering Heatley and Kovalchuck!
Demitra & Palffy in LA!
Straka and Jagr together again in NY!
Foote in Columbus, Pronger in Edmonton…

And this is only Day 3.

It’s going to be a great season :smiley:

These were the top available free agents.

A bunch have already been snapped up.

Does anyone know if Pavel Bure is expected to ever play again?

Boston: Sergei Gonchar.

Buffalo: Miroslav Satan (no qualifying offer).

Colorado: Adam Foote, Peter Forsberg, Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne.

Dallas: Mike Modano and Sergei Zubov.

Detroit: Derian Hatcher, Steve Yzerman and Chris Chelios.

Los Angeles: Martin Straka.

Montreal: Alexei Kovalev.

New Jersey: Scott Niedermayer, Brian Rafalski, Scott Stevens.

N.Y. Islanders: Adrian Aucoin.

St. Louis: Pavol Demitra.

Tampa Bay: Nikolai Khabibulin.

Toronto:Joe Nieuwendyk, Alexander Mogilny and Brian Leetch.

Vancouver: Markus Naslund.[/quote]

i think he’s done. his knee is in rough shape, last i heard.

Forsberg in Philly!
Leetch in Boston!
Gonchar in Pittsburgh!

Holy crap … what a season this is gonna be! :smiley:

nazzy resigned, good news for vancouverites …

canada.com/sports/hockey/sto … ecf&page=1

[color=blue]The most beautiful man in NHL. I want your babies.[/color] :lovestruck:

(Now, about that Bertuzzi…that big cuddly man-boy…fingers and toes crossed for him.)

Lindros in TO! :astonished:
Well it’s about time. I hate the friggin’ Leafs, but he should thrive there.

Salary caps. Maybe good.

I’m a Philly fan. We got Forsberg. Good or bad. I don’t know. Gretzky coaching is pretty cool.

The lock out will turn out to be beneficial for the fans and the league.

Now, about the rule changes. Hmmm. I don’t like allowing the two-line pass. I’m ok with most or all the other changes but this one bugs me. They’re trying to stop the trap but I think they should let that kind of thing work itself out with coaches making new innoviations to solve it. The two-line pass just abolishes it. What’s next? CIAU hockey brought in that rule a few years back and I think it works for that but those guys are mostly players who will never make it in the NHL. Is this rule going to be implemented in all levels and ages of hockey. Creates too much cherry picking and four on four hockey.

I also think that the goalie should be fair game outside of his crease. If he has the puck outside of a certain zone then body check him.

We’ll see how the no tolerance on interference rule works. Does that include follow through body checks? Hmmm.

Should be an intersting season but I won’t get to see any games. Too bad.

one of the reasons that i’m interested to see the implementation of the “two-line pass” is so when the international tournies roll around, canada and the us don’t suddently have to relearn how to deal with the phenomenon.

also, the best way to cut out the trap would be getting rid of about 4 teams, so the guys who were forced to trap (lacking any hockey skills) would not have jobs.