NHL Taichung

Where can I watch a Toronto Maple Leafs game in Taichung, or any NHL for that matter

There was a thread about The Londoner pub a while back, and I recall someone mentioning there would be NHL games once the season started. The season’s just a week away, I’ve been listening to Canucks games on internet radio, but I sure would love to see some games.

Anyone know if The Londoner will actually show games?

Try Slingbox media so you can watch it live at home. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The londoner will be playing games same as the Brass Monkey - Same day delay. For scheduling infomation e-mail me at taichunglondoner@hotmail.com.


you can always come down to the DIVE…near oldies and seduce. We are showing hockey 3-4 nights a week, mostly Canucks, Leafs and Oilers games… come by and check our new schedule or email to thedive@gmail.com

also we have NBA and NFL games…showing the preseason games this weekend.

I got to check out a few different Canadian Nhl games down at the dive and it was sweet. The beverages are cold and fairly priced and the people are cool and friendly. The atmosphere is also very nice , they have couches and a patio.

the Dive is now showing the world junior games that are being held in vancouver right now. Canada Vs USA wed Jan 4th and the canadian NHL games are back on the bill…cheap beer for 100nt and bailey’s coffee for 100nt.

World Juniors Gold Medal Game: Canada v Russia. Saturday 8th at 9pm.

Every Monday: Hockey night from Canada with Don Cherry. 2 games plus 1 more on Thursdays.

To receive the schedule e-mail taichunglondoner@hotmail.com

I’m back in Vancouver right now.
Caught Canada vs. Finland on Boxing Day. Wow! Great game.
All of the games have been fast-paced and entertaining. Odd how after these international tournaments everyone’s left saying, “That’s how hockey should be all of the time.” Boo to corporate, boring, NHL crap. Boooo!!!

Checked out the dive cafe. You will need a winter coat as this place is practically outdoors, the nhl was many days old but it was good to see a game, even with poor picture quality.