NIA does not count the 183 days from Jan 1st to Dec 31st


Time and time again I’ve seen people post that the National Immigration Agency counts from January 1st to December 31st for the 183 days in Taiwan (needed when applying for an APRC, or Taiwan nationality). I just rang the National Immigration Agency, and spent about twenty minutes trying to speak to someone who knew what they were talking about. The women who I finally spoke to was very knowledgable, and told me that they don’t and never have counted from January to December.

Apparently, if you apply on July 10th for example, they will count the 183 in days in Taiwan from July 10th, to July 10th for the previous 3 or 5 years, meaning you must have stayed in Taiwan for 3 or 5 years from July 10th to July 10th, not January 1st to December 31st like many repeat on this forum.


Pretty sure that was what I posted earlier …? NIA is still very vague on a few issues that have recently changed , so as you did, better to call.
One of the questions that is not yet fully answered is the “5 year rule”, when you hold an APRC. Some places imply that ALL APRC holders get the 5 year away entitlement. my understanding is still that you get that IF you applied for the APRC card as a “Professional” , only. So a transfer from a Marriage ARC to APRC, may not qualify for the recent 5 year away rule.


I think it was mainly yyy, and a few others, he did say to check with NIA though, so glad I did.

The main thing that surprised me is that it’s not counted from when you were issued your residency, but is instead counted backwards from the date you apply for the naturalisation or PR, seems strange.

Can’t speak on the APRC “5 year rule”, I am going down the spouse of an ROC national route.


He is an Alien :kissing_heart: One thing to bear in mind at this early stage, is that having an ARC yourself, ( if you qualify work-wise) , means that in the future you are not depending on your Wife for Residency. After 5 years qualification, you then would be entitled to leave for a period of 5 years and return. If you qualify as a Professional ?


I’m not sure what you are talking about, sorry. I will soon apply for the naturalisation based on living in Taiwan for 3 years on a spouse ARC, then I’ll stay a year on a TARC to get the National ID card.


That’s only 3 years now.


My understanding is that any APRC ( other that Professional status applied ) is still subject to the 183 day a year rule ? Changes are afoot but…if you have the Professional APRC you can stay away for 5 years


‘Away’, didn’t see that. Was thinking apply!


It might be better to split this “5 year rule” discussion in to a separate post as it is sort of unrelated.


Even if you’re Taiwanese you can not ‘stay away’ 5 years. They strip your everything.


Taichung NIA confirmed that to me. Only the professional aprc has the 5 yrs.

To @emjroc good to know about the timing of the year for nia, didn’t know that. Are you ok with losing your current nationality to get the 身份張 or are you applying as a professional and can keep both


I’m British, so after I renounce I can get my British citizenship back, think it costs around £1000.

Do the NIA frown upon this practice? To be honest, even if I could’t get it back, I’d still renounce, Taiwan’s passport is quite good, and if you consider the Taibaozheng, it’s probably a little bit better.


I think you mean 身份證.


What’s point of staying away 5 years if you work and live in Taiwan? I can understand an emergency and you need to leave and not able to come back for a while, but else.


You can go back home for a few years to work or even another country , then still be able to go back to Taiwan to work or retire without needing work visas or visa runs


What’s the point of that? You come here, work some time and than skip, come back. What’s the advantage for Taiwan? They just make up some quirky rules for ‘professionals’.


I think they probably are happy professionals come at all. If they leave and come back eventually it’s still a net positive for Taiwan’s tax base.

Although I do agree the special rules for professionals are uncalled for

How do you calculate the 183 days for APRC?