NIA website blocked from overseas


I’ve just received confirmation that NIA has currently blocked visitors from overseas from accessing their public website. This is claimed as an “IT Security” measure.

If you’re in Taiwan and someone you know overseas is having difficulty accessing services, you could consider letting NIA know on their behalf.


I wonder if the NIA remains concerned after the wave of hacking following the Pelosi visit?

In any case, I hope this gets fixed!


very useful… Not. NIA being the agency handling us foreigners, and a lot still abroad, not doing the brightest move to stop overseas accesses…

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if its because they are targets of hacking attempts and DDOS attacks i can understand that.
The credit card company in my home country also blocks access to their website from abroad for this reason, and since its blocked you can’t even contact their customer service in any other way but phone…

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Cant access it from Australia - took too long to respond


But I get the same result when using a Taiwan VPN too.

This site can be accessed from Australia -

And BOCA is still there too.

Please send all concerns and disapprovals to your nearest CCP office :wink:

Left CCP land not to deal with them 共匪 anymore

Whatever it was seems to have been fixed, as it can be accessed from Australia at least now.