Nice Apartment for two near NTU?

Hello. My friend and I are studying abroad at NTU right now until late June. We currently live near campus at a dorm building called Prince House.

My friend and I want to move out of our rooms and get a apartment together. Something with two bedrooms and a bathroom and living room is ideal. We would like something close to the school and something nicer than our current dorm. Unfortunately, neither of us know the area of Taipei at all and none of us can type in Chinese so its been impossible to find a suitable apartment.

Our current dorm cost around 11,000 NT a month which is quite cheap compared to our apartment back in the States, which is around 20,000 NT each if you convert it. With that said, we are both willing to pay more than the current 11,000 NT we pay and get something nice and more spacious. Maybe even something with a living room big enough to invite some friends over sometimes.

ANY help or guidance at all would be a blessing. Currently we are lost. Thank you!