Nice big cobra

…which I found last Friday during a stroll in the woods. Sure made my day…

First pics of a hummingbird moth and now this. Forumosa is awesome. And you too, twoton. :thumbsup:

Very cool pics. Nice one!

Great pictures and congratulations on your success.

Thanks, guys! Where the hummingmoth bird pix at?


I’m very jealous of the cobra pics. Last time I saw one was on Xiao Liuchiu (apparently it’s the only snake the have). Rode up to the Lighthouse and heard some rustling under the dry leaves on the side of the road. A cat was near me and took a leap at the rustle. I chuckl4d thinking it was after a lizard. Then I turned my scooter round and saw a 1m cobra slithering across the path. The cat was nowhere to be seen.

Of course I was too slow with my camera.

Amazing photos! Didn’t think you could bump into these on trails in Taiwan. Kind of make me want me start using those trails more often, but at the same time makes me terrified to step outdoors! :slight_smile:

Great story and fantastic pictures.

Thank You!

Great pics of a great snake. Did you eat it or sell it in Snake Alley?

Thanks much for the kudos, guys! Didn’t realize there were so many snake connoisseurs here :slight_smile:

Holy shit! That’s amazing. What a beautiful snake.

I’m glad my wife doesn’t venture into forumosa though. Two weekends ago I was hiking with her and my daughter and came across an 8 foot snake, so I told her to stop and not look (which she did). She was a few paces behind me and is terrified of snakes. My daughter loved it, but I doubt my wife will do that same hike again. Had it been a cobra she’d never hike again, period. Me, I think that’s awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the compliment!

Your wife might be a lost cause, but it’s all in the upbringing, so keep working with your daughter, and one day she’ll be just as fascinated with snakes as my sons are. Karl’s in third grade and loves them to bits - the bigger, the better:

(Elaphe carinata, aka Stinky Goddess aka King Ratsnake)

But how do you stuff such a large snake into that tiny bag?

And don’t be mistaken, there are lots of snake connoisseurs in Taiwan. Snakes taste great!

The last big big big cobra I saw was in taro fields near Sun Moon Lake. extended across the whole road! (Admittedly a very narrow road, but a road nonetheless.) I have met quite a few cobras while cycling around… not as many as the bamboo vipers out for some morning sun.


(Elaphe carinata, aka Stinky Goddess aka King Ratsnake)[/quote]

That’s awesome. :thumbsup:

My wife would have me cut up for fish bait if she saw pictures of my daughter doing that through my direction.

Re-education is needed here, I surmise. Is your daughter still in elementary school? If so, ask her school if they want me to come over for a free snake seminar, and then have Mom attend the class, too. I’m sure she’ll see things differently after that…

Beautiful pic OP

I was in a rotten mood today in Taipei. That picture made me feel much better. I love seeing such natural beauty and it is hard to beat a cobra for striking looks. Thanks for sharing that pic

Hi TwoTon,

What a great set of photos! I am surprised that you haven’t seen or gotten a chance to photograph a cobra here before. If you are who I think you are, we have either been in touch or I have had contact with one of your fellow herpers in the Taipei area (I contacted you, I think,about a Many-Banded Krait [] that slipped into our house last summer). IN any case, I am really happy you’ve had a chance to see this magnificent snake. I am afraid I have seen a few too many, inside our house here!

I posted the info on the Hummingbird Hawk Moth, noted above, but I did not take that great photo; it is linked from another site. I never seem to have my camera ready for these moments, and I am sure I am not half the photographer you are.

Thank you for sharing these with us.

EDIT – I have read your linked stories and I see that I was in touch with one of your herping friends last year, not with you directly. You guys are doing good educational stuff and having great fun too. Keep it up.