Nice places to go for a weekend

At last my boyfiend and I both have a weekend off! Does anyone out there have any suggestions on a nice place nearish to Taipei to go for the weekend? We like short walks, nature, the beach, and camping is definitely an option. Only been here for 3 months, so we don’t know all the cool places yet.

Well there are so many places.

For the mountains, I like Cingcyuan (Qingquan) in Hsinchu. Take the bus to Jhudong and then the Hsinchu Co. bus up to Qingquan. Stay at the hostel run by the Catholic church there.
Probably take you two and half hours to get there.

For the beach try Baishawan or Dasi. Take the subway out to danshui and then cab it to Baishawan. Takes an hour and half I think. For Dasi see the instructions on how to get to the free beach party this weekend

You could take the train down Saturday, walk the Caoling Gudao during the day and head down to the party in Dasi that evening and wake up in time to see the sunrise.