Nice Restaurant for Christmas Dinner?

My parents are coming over for Christmas and I want to take them out for a nice dinner. Can anybody recommend a nice Chinese restaurant in the east area of Taipei (around WTC, 101)?

Thanks a lot.

I thought you wanted a nice place for xmas dinner, but you actually just want a nice place for dinner during xmas?

There is a nice Chinese place on the upper floors of NYNY, top of the Far Eastern is Ok (good views)… what style of Chinese do you want?

Hmm…maybe both? I just need some ideas and opinions. :unamused: Thanks again. I always wanted to check out the Far Eastern…

What kind of Chinese? Well anything that is not too weird for my parents… :slight_smile:

What kind of Chinese? Well anything that is not too weird for my parents… :slight_smile:[/quote]

You’re asking for too much…we are talking about Chinese food after all :stuck_out_tongue:

Foreigner safe Chinese food, you could do Far Eastern and or the Grand Hyatt. The Parent restaurant at ZhongXiao and DunHua (on DunHua) is also a nice place and the food, both presentation and taste, would be suitable for foreigners not used to Chinese food.

Shanghai Tea House at Warner Village was foreigner-safe. Is it somewhere else now?

Grand Hyatt - Pearl Liang Restaurant on the 2nd floor is high on my list.

Good luck!

Well, they do like Chinese food and have eaten “real” Chinese before, but you know how it is. I don’t want to bring them to a restaurant with plastic table cloth and people on the neighbouring tables spitting their food on the table. It has to be something nice… :unamused:

Thanks for the tip at Warner Village and Hyatt, I’ll check that out soon as it would be a very convenient location.

PS: Where is the spelling cow? Forgive me for any spelling mistakes, pls.

Maybe you need a rolling eye emoticon checker as well? :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

Pearl Liang is nice but quite expensive… Shanghai Tea House has gone?

Doesnt the Grand Hotel do special foreigner xmas Chinese banquets?

The American CLub?

Thanks guys,

been on a restaurant tour last Saturday and had a look at all these fancy places. I guess I found a few OK ones now and I’ll just drag Mom on a tour to check them out. I don’t want to get complaints later… :smiley:

Xinjishi is a nice, bright, clean restaurant with good reasonably priced Shanghainese food located near 101. The restaurant in Shanghai is very popular and, I’m told, people line up to get in.
I recommend “grandmother’s stewed pork” and “xintairan” (heart too soft) if you go. Happy Eats.

Address is:
11:30~ 14:30
17:30 ~ 22:30