Nice restaurants with private rooms for New Years Eve


I can’t think or any off the top of my head. Any restaurant recommendations for a private room for around 10 people for New Years. Somewhere thats not near xiyi where I cant get to and back.


Try Banqiao.


Any recommendations there? I don’t go there often.


Try Kanpai classic in xinyi, it’s at the a9 shopping mall like 8th floor. It’s not one of those loud shopping mall restaurants, but definitely a place where you can have New Years dinner

It will set you back around 2k/person depending on the amount of drinks.


It’s prolly too late. Everywhere’s booked out.


Yeah, I agree with bear. A lot of places won’t even take new year reservations, but the ones that do will already have a long waiting list. You’ll probably have to go somewhere that’ll make you wait a while.

You could try somewhere up Maokong. I did that one year and it was nice. Really can’t remember where though.


maokong’s being heavily promoted as a place to get away from the madness…so it’ll be madness too


It’s new years so we expect to fork over a high price per person especially with a private room. But we want to avoid xinyi.



Some high-end restaurants:
Gold Spoon Restaurant (金湯匙花漾時尚會館)
Chinese food

Good Day Restaurant (好日子餐廳)
Mainly seafood

Pulau Redang ( 熱浪島蔬食親子餐廳)
Malay (SE Asian) Chinese food

Avido Italian Restaurant
Italian food


Have a picnic, always fun and very private.