Nice Views from Trains

The view going north along the coast to Taitung of the ocean, beach, sky and mountains is beautiful.

But I can only see two fingers worth from the other side of the train because no one will open their curtains.

And I just passed this remote train crossing tourist spot where hundreds of people were taking pictures.
963, Taitung County, Taimali Township, 東63鄉道


We took a drive up #20 just north of Taitung. Part of this route was just opened as they slowly make repairs from a 10-yrs-ago typhoon. Still cannot travel the entire highway, but you can now get up to Xiangyang lookout from the east end. Really spectacular scenery up there. Highly recommended.

Correction: the east end has been open for a while. The west end from Tainan opened a new section recently. :sunglasses:

Yea I made it to Xiangyang maybe the same point 2 years ago.

We were there mid-afternoon and the clouds were rolling through. Pretty cool to watch as it happens.

Ya the taidong rail is gorgeous!

But i have a certai hate for that “famous” spot everyone goes to take pics. Try drivin there on a weekend ir holliday, inswrar that section draws all of taiwans semi functional retards. There are some.really nice ocean pull outs north of there if you are driving. Sunny days make that ocean GLOW. really pretty!

I find most of the tail in taiwan except the west coast lines really enjoyable. Some great scenic views! Plan your seat in advance to be on the outside next time :wink:

Yeah, that coastal road by train, car, or scooter is just gorgeous (I’m too lazy to try a bicycle). Just a few km south of the Taimali station is the Duoliang (多良) station which is referred to as Taiwan’s most beautiful.


Nice video!