Niger document forger in pay of France

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Sorry about that, Tainan. I read over my last post again tonight and was kind of surprised at my personal, negative tone. I really didn’t mean to sound like such a jerk, and I feel a bit embarrassed. I just sort of zipped something off without reading over it. The modarator can edit my post, if they wish. So yeah, I had something to say, but it wasn’t very nice. Sorry for that.

The Telegraph article cited is more than a year old - anything more up-to-date supporting the assertations made?

I read some reports citing a series of Italian articles this week portraying things a little differently - suggesting more of an Italian involvement. I tried to find the reports this morning but the best that I can come up with is this one

Not putting forward any of this as truth but just showing that this has been spun a lot of different ways and the latest spin has a different flavor than that offered over a year ago.

This guy’s onto something . . .

The smoking forgery