Night markets

hi, me and my wife (who is taiwanese, i am american) are planning to live in taipei while the whole US immigration process goes on. we were interested in having a stall at one of the many night markets, does anyone know the process needed to operate a stall? what permits/licenses, what fees, who to contact (some kind of business association or something)? any information would help. thanks!

I am interested in this too.

I have for many years thought of selling cookies on night markets.

there are many kind of type of night market,
how much fees is depond on which market and type do you prefer to.
some night market need to contact with landlord directly,and telling them that you wanna rent their stalls.

or if you know which night market you like that you can ask someone who’s already having a stall over there
I think they will be willing to answer you.
you mentioned that your wife is taiwanese,therefore, I think she can speak chinese right?
if so,she can search google in chinese,there are so many chinese websites that teach how to get a stall in night market. :slight_smile:

if they are with chocolate - I’m SO there! :wink:

My husband and I also thought of doing this. We simply asked venders at a market we liked. They were able to give us the name of the man to contact. Be careful though, if they think you’re going to be competition, you’ll get shut out.

if they are with chocolate - I’m SO there! :wink:[/quote]

They would be Danish Xmass cookies, and it’s my missus idea, Ie you are looking at:

Brune kager
And 2 more which I am too tired to remember now.

The usual ones I do for xmass.

My missus begged me to buy a ton of hjortetakssalt and potash for the misadventure.

Depends on the market. In Taipei, a stall in the popular and heavily trafficked Shilin Night Market could run you NT$120,000 a month, while one at Shida Night Market might be around NT$40,000. Smaller stalls away from the centers of crowded foot traffic might rent for NT$10,000.