Night of the long knives

:secret: Seems that the head of this forum is retiring and guess who is taking over?
Which heads will roll? :secret:

Formosa’s going to be in charge!? What happens if he keeps calling Maoman “Mao-meany” and other posters ask for a ban? It wouldn’t really work if the guy in charge banned himself…

Is it me?

Who’s retiring?

Gus is.

And your source is?

Impeccable. Just wait and see, ye of little faith.

Gus retired several days ago. He was the guy that the Chinese just launched into space. Don’t worry, he’ll be back (sombody put up a clock on the front page like Gus did for Formosa).

Let’s see if the guy I believe will take over will (if this is more than a rumor) step up and say a few words NOW!

Gus has handed over to Maoman. Having appreciated Gus’ approach i.e. that of creator leaving his creation to evolve on its own, I am, to say the least, rather shocked and disappointed.

I see Maoman spurning Gus’ laissez faire approach and instead taking firm control over every aspect of this forum. What we will see in the not too distant future is this site reeking of the stench of Midwestern morality and control freakery.

Gus, thank you for Forumosa

Maoman is Canadian, they are in general a liberal bunch. I doubt that Gus interfered a lot with the decisions of the mods.

Thanks Gus.

You assume that the moderators will be retained. :wink:

I have ironclad proof that some will.

Hee hee. We’ve all been demoderatored. I think we should hold a Struggle Session and see who gets sent down for counter-revolutionary activities.

Choose your colours.

All moderators must kneel on broken glass and give a self-criticism.
Then they will be told that they need further re-education and will be exiled to the legal forums for 25 years. Chairman Maoman will set up a straw assembly of hand-picked moderators to rubberstamp his decrees.
Famine will occur in the content but the Chairman will be too busy keeping the increasingly restless straw-mods in line.
The new thread on Bible Studies will fail miserably as infidels continue to invade and post using non-Christian language (Dang!).

Does this mean everyone’s heading to Tea**it??

Well why not, at least one grumpy poster would feel at home.

Not me, though.

I thought Christine Hsu would take it over (as a gift from Gus), and Forumosa would become an appendage of her profit-making venture, Oriented.Com.

I guess Oriented.Com is starting to charge a fee to get into the happy hours. It’s a good thing I’ve never gone to one, I guess.

Profit-making dot-con?

There are only a few of those around, so I would be surprised if oriented was one of them.

Can we have an official list of which moderators have been defrocked?