Nightmarket phones: worth it?

So I’m in desperate need of a phone, and am always seeing them being sold in the nightmarket (Raohe). They are remarkably cheap, like 5,000ish for something that looks just like an Iphone, but I’m wondering if they are worth the savings in terms of craftsmanship and legal issues.

Will I find myself trouble from buying one of these and maybe trying to use them in other countries? Are they held together with Elmer’s Glue and bound to fall apart within a few months?

Any input is appreciated. Also, if you or someone you know is getting rid of a smart phone, please let me know! I have no ARC and will only be in Taiwan 2-3 months tops so I don’t want any long term contracts.

rst know what you are getting. You can get a decent phone known as the Yangze River Phone for 2,000. … 30214.html

Navagating the phone book is a little bit of a nightmare. I bought it for the touch large screen and decent media player. I can actually scroll mp3’s videos play with no problem. I can read text based e-books really well too.

I was about to use my Chinese contact to get the higher model with built in wifi and a digital TV tuner. But then I found out one important fact. Presently this phone doesn’t support flash!
Most of the internet radio stations and TV stations use FLASH! I’d be out of luck.

Here’s basic advice. Look at the phone and play with it. Don’t expect it to have all the features you may need. Those phones that are sold at the night market come from volume purchase sites on the internet. You must buy a minimum of 100 or so units.
Open the phone and look for the manufacturer’s sticker under the battery compartment. Write it down and go on line to check it out.

Don’t expect it to last too long though. However, I find mine more functional then my expensive Nokia phone.

I’ll sell you my 16GB iPhone 3G cheap. It works fine. I haven’t touched it since I got my iPhone 4.

Awesome, sent you a message, Josefus.

quick Q? How much do blackberry cost in the wan? For new and for used?

They should be heading south pricewise because iphone and the android are the more must have fones I think?