Nighttime workout options

Since my free time during the day is limited, I’m looking for workout options in the nighttime other than the gym. So far I’ve tried tossing a frisbee on a lit field, but it was crowded with joggers and soccer players. I’d also like to explore bicycling options if you know of any bike path/secluded road in Taipei that’s well lit. What about hiking? Are there any hiking trails in and around Taipei that have lights on at night? Any other ideas?

Yes. The Fairy footprint trail near Jingmei station is lit at night and is a great workout as it’s up and then down. About 40 minutes or so, maybe an hour if you return or do a side trail. Excellent views over the city. When I was working downtown I would once or twice a week walk this trail and then continue home to Muzha. The trail ends near the dikes so you can walk along the dikes to Muzha or Zoo station. Probably about 1.5 hours or so if you do this. Exit the MRT and head toward the ridge. There are signs along the way. It’s a 5 minute walk to the trailhead from the MRT station.

Jenda University. The road is controlled so almost no traffic. The loop road takes you round the top of the uni and is a good workout (again a good uphill). At the top you have the option of a 1km trail up to Zhangshan temple. It’s lit at night though I don’t know till when. The uni ring road is lit until at least 11pm as I often go for walks at night. If you started at Muzha MRT station walk along the dike to the second major bridge, cross and then continue on the other side of the river (you are now in the uni). When you get to the road go left and then head uphill in 200m. The road does a loop and takes to your starting point. Return to the MRT probably 2 hours. It’s an excellent late night walk. No traffic, quiet, the air is fresh and you have the sounds of crickets, owls and other night creatures as the whole back of the ring road is all treed.

This is also a good place to bike at night.

Do you want to help me walk my dogs? I usually take them to the Danshui River, crossing the flood barrier at Taipei Bridge (at the end of Minquan West Road).

I take advantage of the darkness to do bagua walking when there’s noone around. It looks kind of strange if you don’t know what it is.


Thanks for replying guys.

MM, I know both of those places quite well but have never been out during nighttime. Will have to give it a try. The Zhengda loop is a well kept secret. I practice my climbing on my bike there. It’s just the kind of secluded (but safe) road I had in mind. Just didn’t realize it had lights on at night. :sunglasses:

Juba, When you say you take advantage of the darkness, do you mean the riverside is all dark? Are there any lights at all?

There are lights along the Danshui River-side cycle path.

My usual location for baguazhang and taijiquan practice is the raised area behind Minquan West Road MRT (subway/tube) Station.

[quote=“Juba”]There are lights along the Danshui River-side cycle path.
So long as I don’t run into any psychopath on the cycle path, I’d be willing to take a nocturnal spin some night.

Anybody know if the hiking trail going up Elephant Mountain is lit at night? I know the trail is nicely paved and safe to walk on even when it’s wet (and dark).