Nike thread

The company needs it’s own thread due to all kinds of shenanigans it gets itself into, year in/year out.

Colin K: I support your opinion, right or wrong. You have courage (probably cuz you’re rich enough) to go against the grain. You’ve been used by both sides too much.

Nike: a dumb dumb dumb move ahead of July 4th. It’s based on the Betsy Ross flag for fuq’s sake. A woman. Not a man. She’s from Pennsylvania, not a slave state. She was a Quaker. Do your homework better.

AZ governor: shouldve just let sleeping dogs lie and let the right and left duke this stupid issue out. Jobs are still jobs. 500 good ones. Don’t try and make every issue a do or die cultural one. You’re a governor, did you forget that?

Colin Kaepernick needs to go away. What an asswipe…


Arizona is not happy. Willing to lose 500 jobs just to wash their hands of this sort of bullshit.

Colin thinks he’s black just because he has an afro. He looks like Rachel Dolezal’s brother.

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See this here is why I need an unlike button.

Racists said the same thing about MLK, about Nelson Mandela etc. etc.


Nike should have gone for the safe route: white, blue and red shoes with a rainbow flag.

Companies all over the world spent a month producing stuff with rainbows to show everyone how progressive they are (I’m sure that the extra sales played no part in it), so I’m surprised their 4th of July special doesn’t have a rainbow flag/logo/something in it.

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Wait…are you seriously comparing a spoiled pro athlete to civil rights heroes who went through actual struggles? :hushed:


Genuine question:

When did the flag become a symbol of racism?
(look what’s in the background)

Why yes, yes I am. I happen to admire the guy.

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In 2016 everything became considered a symbol for racism. November 2016, to be precise.
That’s the world we live in.


As an athlete or a civil rights icon?

Given the current political situation in the US, especially the role social media plays in it, it’s strictly a business decision for Nike. Kaepernick is able to use his status as an online influencer cum maker/killer of athletic shoes to force Nike to devalue expected future revenue. Result is that they yank the shoe off shelves.

Nike isn’t brave, and neither is Kaep (I’m not sure why people think Keep is a hero, frankly). It’s just business, and frankly I’m not sure how well these shoes would have sold before Kaepernick chimed in.

Besides, some other maker of athletic apparel will very likely feature a Betsy Ross flag in a design coming to an athletic store near you soon. There are ways around Kaepernick’s influence.

Thanks @IbisWtf but I’m looking for specifics, all that comes up when I google is that some people where waving it at racist events. Its supported by a black president as a piece of history, which he used in his inauguration.

Butthurt. Butthurt everywhere.

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You think I’m racist because I think he’s an asswipe? :joy:

That’s the problem with the left… anyone with a different opinion is wrong or racist.


Just to clarify, Kap never said the Betsy Ross flag is racist. He said that he finds it offensive. There’s a big difference. The Betsy Ross flag was America’s flag during the late 1700s. That wasn’t exactly the best time for black people in America. It’s pretty understandable to say that you find symbols of America which were used during that time to be offensive.

Why does Kaep find it offensive? Surely because Kaep is offended by how blacks were treated, right?

I don’t think there’s a lick of difference. Unless by “big difference” you mean that “offended” is not spelled the same as “racism.”

So does that mean that stories of US history during the Revolution are now no-go zones?


Nike is like a pinball in an arcade, getting slapped around every which way, but loose.

it would be nice if all this and other brands getting yanked by their horns by the stupid things they do lead to the collapse of high-end marketing

Plenty of examples of this. They don’t always literally “go broke”, especially when it comes to companies like Nike, Gillette and such, but the “massive loss of income” mentioned in the article is usually the outcome of this kind of corporate behavior.

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Taking offense means that you strongly dislike something. Racism means that something is systematically diminishing a race of people. That’s a pretty big difference.

This is apples to oranges. Kap said NIKE, a company that he has an endorsement deal with, should not put a flag on their product. Nothing on that product teaches about US history. Of course US history should be taught in full, emphasis on the full part. Teach what happened to African Americans.