Ninja - Japanese Cuisine (Taipei)

I read this article, Service at Sword Point at Ninja Restaurant, and it looks pretty cool. I couldn’t find the address or any more details, but I’m definitely interested.

Could anybody tell me anymore?

I am also interested in this newly opened theme restaurant, but haven’t had the chance…

Ninja Japanese Cuisine
129 Civic Blvd. Section 4, Taipei
(02) 2577-3300
Open from 6:00pm to 2:30am

Cool thanks!

Oh yeah, I think I read that there are others too.

Is there a hospital one?


In that entire “Service At Sword Point” article it only mentions food once.

I like this quote:

I somehow doubt the food is much above edible.

Edit: After looking at the Ninja website (it seems to be under construction) I only saw one dish - Sashimi. So I’ll wait for one of you to try them first. :wink:

They’re near my joint down on the corner of Dunhua Rd and Civil Blvd. You’ll recognise it because the exterior is made of split bamboo and has maniquins dressed as red ninjas climbing up the front. Don’t know what the food is like yet. I suspect people won’t be going there for the food, it’s another themed resteraunt in the style of “toilet” ,“airline”, “hospital” etc. (“concertration camp” thankfully bit the dust :raspberry: ) :loco: Still, good luck to 'em. Hope they bring more people over to that side of Civil Blvd. :bow:

The modern toilet is fun, how are the airline and the hospital restaurants?

So you say there was a concentration camp one? What was that like? Sounds horrible.

I don’t care much about the food, as long as it’s not bad, I just don’t wanna go to someplace, look at the prices, then walk away, I do that much too often. One time I spent 150NT for a small cup of coffee, not even big or great, just a regular cup of coffee, and another time, in 2000, I spent 7US$ on a god damn mixed drink “Ooh ! Sex on the beach! It has like 6 shots in it!” Actually, it had 1 shot of alcohol. So now I hate pissing away money.

Anyone ever go to this place?
There’s a short video on it here: … 21118.html

My GF has been, said it was over priced and not all that.