Nintendo DS lite winging its way!

I have just ordered a new DS lite today, cant wait to get my grubby hands on it!! My idea is that in the long run it will save me money, as i can fly on those crappy airlines with no entertainment and still pass time :bravo:

bring it on :sunglasses:

There’re a couple of places around the old Guanghua Market area already selling them.

i’ve got one too!

best decision i ever made in my whole life…ever!

now i have sweet ninty goodness at my command 24/7. btw on an non-fanboy note i recommend Brain Age: Brain Training. it’s more addictive than smack.

yeah - i have ordered the crisp white one, and it arrives tomorrow!! Can’t believe how much better it is than the brick of a first version :laughing: I will have around 20 games, which will include all the typical addictive nintendo games. I played on the original gameboy when i was a kid and was addicted to that, even with its pathetic screen and graphics. Nintendo really do make some great games, unlike those PSP mindless arcadey games!!

yeah, psp is all gangsta pimping, bling blinging, drug running, gang busting, prostitute killing rubbish.

i’d rather save princesses, eat mushrooms and count my gold coins.

:laughing: I’ll drink to that :beer:

Is there a big difference between this one and the original. I acutally think the original is too small already. I have it in a case thing and any time I take it out and play, it feels to small so I put it back.

Is size the only think that has changed?

it’s smaller, but the design is so sleek and sexy it will make those princesses we talked about want to kiss it. The screens are brighter, and the battery life is longer. All in all its about a million times better than the original. Got mine today and it is awesome :smiling_imp: I played on a game called something like Yoshi - touch & go. Sounds like a porn film or summit, but it is a typically sweet 'tendo game. You draw clouds on the screen with the stylus that act as slides/ pathways for a baby, so thats how you move the character around the screen. Need i say more… those sweet graphics on the PSP are great at first, but the lack of substance in the games wont keep you glued for long.

The baby is charging right now, so i’ll drink some wine - hang - then see if i can suck up any more golden coins or nushrooms :sunglasses:

I thought Touch & Go was kinda poos actually. Ouendan, Metroid Prime: Hunters, Animal Cross, and Tetris DS = new hotness. And New Super Mario Bros. comes out (in the US, so a couple of weeks later it’ll be in stores here) next Monday.

yeah animal crossing rocked! until everyone (including me) started to cheat. i know cheating is no good; i no it wrecks the game. but i cant help myself!

i’m thinking about getting the new 4GB Max Movie player for the DS. it basically lets you play mp3, vid and homebrew on your system. i just want to see what it looks like stuck into a ds lite before i buy buy buy.

Yeah tetsuo, the games you mention are all good - haven’t heard of Ouendan though!! I am afraid to say i have been playing that Nintendogs thingy - ha ha. Warioland - touched is good fun but really wacky! Animal crossing is awesome! There are lots of cool games!! I have something called a “supercard” for my DS lite; haven’t tried movies, but i pack 28 games onto a 1GB SD card. Does reduce battery life but is totally worth it. It sticks out from the console, but doesn’t look too bad.

[quote=“wayneowen”]those sweet graphics on the PSP are great at first, but the lack of substance in the games wont keep you glued for long.


Can I ask which games you tried? I’ve had a PSP for 3 months now and love every game i’ve bought so far. Don’t get me wrong I love Nintendo too and plan on getting a DS lite.

there are heaps of cool titles on ds. i’m totally addicted to brain training; it makes learning cool. I also like mario kart online but i get constantly trounced by seven year old japanese kids with cat like reflexes.

you should try animal crossing, castlevannia, quendan and cooking mama (i hear its crazy)

i’m also hanging out for the internet browser which will be released soon. ds lite is sweet.

I just picked up Mario and it be teh hotiness

Don’t forget to give me tinkle for those hard to find titles.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time: $NT1400
Age of Empires: $NT1200
Mario Kart: $NT1400
New Super Mario Bros. $NT1400
Metroid Prime Hunters: $1400

list price = $29.99, me = $1200
list price = $34.99, me = $1400

Prices could be better I know… but my US supplier isn’t very good at games yet. But still 60% of the UK prices.

I picked up a DS Lite from Guanghau last Friday. (thanks for replying to my PM wayneowen) The DS was just over $5000.

Nintendo’s design of the DS is superb. The inclusion of a touch screen and mic have lead developers to create some really innovative games and play-styles that are not available on any other system. Games like Warioware: Touched, Trauma Center, and Brain Age are all fun, original, and would only work on a DS.

Half Life 2: Episode 1 was released on the PC last night.
I played Warioware last night.

I think that says it all.

Dorks unite!
I grabbed miltonkid’s DS, and while it’s not a Lite, I’m still loving it.
I’ve been playing MarioKart DS for friggin hours.
I’ll probably make the jump to Lite eventually, but I’m happy with this for now.
I’m surprised how much better the GBA games look on it.
The only dissapointment is that it’s not fully backwards compatable with all my old games.

i just got my M3 lite micro adapter with 2GB card and it is frickin sweet.

i can now run homebrew (msn, email, etc) mp3s, vids, emulators, and nds/gba backups. more importantly for those uber nerds, i can also play with linux :slight_smile:

Yee haw!
I finally picked up a DS Lite yesterday.
I’d been hunting around for a used one for awhile, and I finally found one.
It’s smooth, sexy, bright and … PINK!
I slapped a blue silicone case on it, and all is well.
I’m using a 1G N-Card, but I think I’d like to check out the M3.

Anyone want to buy an original red DS?

I heard that there’s a special Nintendo DS sold in Chinese markets called the iQue DS that can handle Chinese characters. If I’m using my DS to surf websites with the Opera browser, I’d want to be able to read or type in Chinese. Any info on this?

Besides Brain Age, there are really cool Japanese games out there in the vein of Cooking Mama.

In one, you’re a newbie lawyer solving crime, defending folks, etc. Phoenix something or other.

In the other, you’re a surgeon… cut stuff up, throw a little gauze, etc.

Sounds really dumb/weird, but it’s really addictive. They have it for the WII too, so with the Wii remote, it’s even more fun!