Nintendo Switch?

Any switch players here? Thinking about getting it for my gf. I think it’s a lot easier than console games and they have more beginner friendly games.

There’s an OLED version coming out, not sure if it’s worthy the wait.

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Yeah I have a Switch. Sure, it’s fun. Easier to pick up and put down than a big XBox or PS5. You’re into working out, right, so you might enjoy Ringfit. And plenty of fun Mario/ Zelda games for the sentimental kid in you. Just be advised if you buy a Switch in Taiwan, for some inexplicable reason the Nintendo eShop is blocked and you can only buy physical copies of games. That means a huge library of lesser known, Indy games are off limits. That really annoyed me…


Pretty much this. I’ll add that physical copies of games bought in Europe worked on my switch so far.

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That’s odd. I’ve bought two switches here (one Japanese model and one Taiwanese model) and there haven’t been any restrictions. Maybe it’s tied to the shop account?

If you’re going to buy one for use in Taiwan definitely make sure to get a Taiwanese model. Otherwise you won’t be able to get warranty service here.


Which version do you have?

I have one. I think it’s good. I’m a lifelong Nintendo fan and it’s definitely not a disappointment.

It’s tied to your Nintendo account.

I have a switch.
Love it.
Bought everything Mario and relived the classics as well as enjoying the new releases and remastered versions of Mario games.

Playing Mario vs Rabbids now. Fantastic game.

Only one I don’t care much for is the new Mario Party…too long and a bit boring…better with a few drinks.

Zelda breath of the wild is a must play.

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I’d recommend finding an old Switch that can be hacked. Then you can set up EmuNAND and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Which version of the switch do you use?

I bought Switch 2 years ago for Super Smash Bros Ultimate with my buddies at home and did not regret the purchase. I then borrowed Breath of the Wild from a colleague and it’s probably one of the best games I’ve ever played, but Ocarina of Time still holds a special place in my heart.

I bought the bundle with Mario Kart 8, I believe I have the Taiwan version, but I never had issues with buying digital copies from the store like others have mentioned. I changed my region to HK and have bought some digital copies of classic games.

The Pro Controller is a must buy unless you are mostly playing Mario games. I bought RingFit when the pandemic hit Taiwan, played it once and it has been sitting there since. I plan on keeping it as it’s a good party game for when we have company.

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Like others have explained, just log into your nintendo account with a browser, and change location to enable the store. If you have multiple account on the switch, you can even set them to different regions. Sometimes games are cheaper in another region, , and people would change to the region to get the deal.

If you are into playing together instead of competition, Luigi’s Mansion is a lot of fun.