Nintendo Wii Press Site

apparently this is a press only release that somehow got leaked (not sure how true that is).

lots of new info thats for sure.

Link asks for a password for me. But I have been updated on all the new Wii stuff. December 2nd release for Japan.

[quote=“miltownkid”]December 2nd release for Japan.[/quote]Meh. Nov 19th in the US

Does me no good here though :wink:. Especially since they won’t be region free.

I thougth they were going to be region free. There is no DVD therfore no regions.

[quote=“Chicken”]I thougth they were going to be region free. There is no DVD therfore no regions.[/quote]There can still be region encoding even if it doesn’t use DVDs. The Wii does have the capibility for region encoding, according to this but it is optional whether the publisher uses it or not. The PSP has region encoding for games, but noone uses it yet.
Which means I can probably get games for that too.
The Sega Megadrive had basic region encoding, but I don’t think anyone used it.

Ah. I see. Nintendo has said they wont use it, but it is there for if 3rd party game makers want to have it. So, it will be mostly region free.

Ps. Do they make games for the PSP? I thought I bought it to look cool while it sits on my shelf. I got the white one so it looks even cooler.

from what i know, the console itself isnt region-free but (some) games will/can be. basically it will the same as for the xbox360.
i think the wii will be on the black market in shimenting 1 or 2 days after the japanese release just like for other consoles in the past.


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that should to it :slight_smile: