Nintendo's Wii is a danger to your livingroom

Apparently the controller armband rips with devastating results to your TV and windows.

[quote=“ratlung”]Apparently the controller armband rips with devastating results to your TV and windows.[/quote]

Especially after a Forumosa HH at Carnegies … :laughing:

I really can’t belive people are… wait, yes I can.

Maybe I’ll end up being one of those sorry guys that busts up their… wait, not I won’t.

See what happens when nerds with no motor skills get mixed with a game system that needs them. :slight_smile:

Not that any of us here can buy them :frowning:

Yes, we can. The Japanese version anyway.

Well. I guess Wii can. Only twice the price though! A measly $138000Nt at the city mall.

I was quoted… 10,000 I think. Still over priced though :stuck_out_tongue:

Was there a guarantee with them ? That’s my main worry about importing them from the USA (If they every made any more), what if something goes wrong with it ? I would buy them from a place 12079km away, it’s a long way (and a lot of money) to return them…

After a lot of looking I found them for $10,000Nt. At the (rainbow?) 3C on BaDa near the end of the computer market street (near the starbuckus). Still in Jamaneese though so I did not buy them. I am thinking I realy want some English. So I can wait.

Bonus: The next straps will probably be stronger! :slight_smile:

Silly me. I haven’t been paying much attention but I have/had to attend several client wei-ya dinners this week and needed a cool electronic device to give as a gift for the lottery.

Miltownkid gave me a contact to buy a Wii but they were all sold out (Thanks anyway MTK!). I called a few other places and they were all sold out. I went to a few other places and they were all sold out. I started to panic.

I went to a lot of places in Guang Hua market and they were all sold out. I ended up at the last shop and they said they were all out but might have some later that day (I needed it for that night - last Saturday). When I was standing there a man in front of me said he had searched all of Taipei for one also. He had been waiting for a while and was willing to wait until the potential merchandise MIGHT come. There were about 5 people in line ahead of me and as soon as I lined up another 10 were behind me.

Just as I was ready to leave, two guys come in with a carton that says Wii. As soon as it came in people started pushing and yelling. Luckily since I was close to the head of the line by then I got number 2 out of 3. No more in Japan and no more in Taiwan is what they said.

NT$9,600 for the machine but with a couple of games and accessories the total was $14,900.

I tried to buy two but they had a one customer one machine policy.

The gift went down like crazy at the wei-ya with people standing on their seats yelling that they wanted it. Girls, women, old guys, etc. all desperately wanted the Wii.

I bought another set for another client’s wei-ya this week from another supplier but it was a lot more expensive because of an instant auction. As far as I know there ain’t no more for now.

me wiiiiiii

so bad it tells me I’m 57 years old…

wii is so dangerous that someone can drink so much water that she dies in order to win one.