Nipplegate: Janet Jackson's Breast Bared at Superbowl

Has anyone seen this? This was part of the Superbowl halftime show. What were they thinking of at MTV?

:nsfw: :nsfw: :nsfw:

:shock: I saw that. It went by so fast if you blinked you missed it. Then the camera switched to a panaorama. I wasn’t even sure it really happened. Now I see it was deliberate. Cool.


Quite a pathetic stunt, the whole thing. One boy band graduate that made a disappointing splash and one fading star. I expect her upcoming album to go the way of American Life.

They alledged that it was unintentional, but who wears a metal dealy like that if it is not to be shown? I mean it is not a piercing. Weird. But then this is a Jackson we are talking about.

by today’s standards, she was clothed. :unamused: now if she’d been feeding another human being and a bit of areola had shown, then there would be a fuss. :unamused: :unamused:

Jesus! You trying to gross me out? :shock:

They claim it was unintentional. The nipple sticky is used by many performers who wear revealing costumes . . . however, the costume didn’t look very revealing before the tear-away portion was removed - and it does look like a tear-away design rather than an accidental rip . . . although, if it really had been intentional, one would expect her to wear a pushup underlining for firmness and shape as she usually does when showing cleavage. Neat gif though.

Edited Later . . . after going to the Drudge Report closeups . . . er, that’s not a nipple sticky . . . that’s . . . er . . . art. The accidental exposure bit is more plausible now.

Jesus! You trying to gross me out? :shock:[/quote]


A closer view:

Incidentally, Chocolate used to claim that he worked with Janet Jackson. I know there has to be some sort of cosmic connection with these two big scandals.

I think I found my new avatar…

If you’ve seen Latoya’s, what’s the big deal with seeing Janet’s?

Phony Balony

Anyone else disturbed by the fact that ALL of Taiwan’s evening papers had her breast on the front page?

The NFL and CBS is full of BS. They claimed that they were “outraged” and they weren’t informed before the game.

Lets see, the NFL micromanages its business down to the length of its player’s sock. If a player dare to wear something other than NFL “approved” gear to a press conference, he gets fined.
A league that controls its business to every little detail doesn’t know that this stunt was gonna to happen? This tightass league would just let MTV run their show without any input? What a joke NFL.

CBS is part of Viacom, which also owns MTV. Even the MTV website hinted that something drastic was gonna happen during the half time show. To say that they didn’t know is inexcusable.

As for Janet, do it ten years ago when she wasn’t an old hag would sell a few more albums. What a bunch of premeditated crap.

No matter what anyone’s saying, she sure got “exposure.”

Not me. Doesn’t bother me.


The right one looks like a roofer’s bag of nails :shock:

Now if it had only been Britney or some other hot babe!! :moo:

Wow, that was deliberate. And what a fantastic way to take the heat off of your child loving brother. Congratulations Janet, your breast has saved the Jacksons!