I am looking for a particular version of the bible, The New International Version.

Does anyone know if there is a Christian bookstore here in Taipei that would have such ? I am willing to go explore bookstores around Taipei for this version before ordering it online.

Thanks in advance. :wink:

The only Christian bookstore I know is on Roosevelt road, accross the street from the NTU (Tai da). I forgot the name. It might not even be there anymore. I think they put a Starbucks either upstairs or next door to it.

I saw another post on this bookstore, I will go check it out.

On my net search I came across Elim Christian Bookstore, located on Chung Hsiao E Road.

Zhongxiao E Road is in the middle kind of. the Blue line of the MRT runs along it.

Thanks, was a lil confused . . . spelling on the maps and sites differ and my pronounciation is lacking.

The Christian bookstore on Roosevelt Road is called Campus Bookstore. I has a wide variety of translations of the Bible including the NIV in English, Chinese, and both combined.

As a previous poster said, it’s right across from NTU, Gong-guan MRT stop.

Yay! That just made my day. :smiley: Thank you for this information.

My pleasure.

ucxb -
Here is an online version