Ask her first.

In Taiwan, when we discussed this question in years past, the standard advice was “Get married in the country of the foreign spouse.”

The reason for this was simple. In all types of registration procedures regarding the marriage of a Taiwanese person and a foreigner, there are always various documentary requirements, and some of these are not easy to deal with if you don’t have full documentation regarding “the recognition of the marriage in the foreigner’s home country.”

Most western countries do not have any registration procedure for marriages done in another country such as Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, or wherever. They may recognize the marriage as valid . . . . . . but they have no registration procedure.

In the past, what the Taiwanese authorities have typically wanted to see is some paperwork proving that the marriage is recognized in the foreigner’s home country.

Nevertheless, in the last few years, we have heard that more and more people are getting married in Taiwan and being able to make a go of it . . . . . . (in terms of dealing with Taiwanese administrative agencies.) In part I think that this is somehow due to an update, or change, or at any rate better recognition of the Taiwan civil law provision which says that if a person is registered in the Household Registration as being married, then they are truly married.

So . . . . . . if you get married in Taiwan, be sure to get to the Household Registration Office fairly quickly (with your local spouse) and get registered as the official spouse.

Good luck.