No APRC? Avoid T-Star 台灣之星

Went to T-Star to sign a new mobile contract today. 2 years ago I tried as well, but they required a guarantor and my wife was busy.

This time I came prepared, I brought my wife.

We go through the whole process, relatively smooth. Then at the end, I’m reviewing my personal details on the contract and discover they’ve listed my my passport number as my ID number.

If you don’t know, this is a huge issue, as it will mean you can’t do phone number verification on government online services, such as the NHI app, the tax platform, or the myData platform, among others.

I asked them to update the contract to my ARC number instead of my passport number, but they said they can only use the ARC number if the ARC has no expiry date, e.g. APRC…

This means that if you don’t have an APRC and sign up for T-Star, you won’t be able to log in to many government online services via phone number verification.


This makes no sense at all, because your passport also has an expiration date. :thinking:


Yeah that’s what I said. The ARC number is the only thing that won’t change…

And some passport numbers change on renewal! e.g. German Passport
While the ARC numbers don’t change (*unless the Taiwanese government has a stupid idea once)


Same with U.S. passports, so you get a new number every 5 or 10 years.

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I had this problem years ago with Taiwan mobile. Despite me having an ARC at the time, they signed me up with my passport number. When it changed after passport renewal they kept asking to see a document with my old passport number on, and I was still waiting for it to be returned to me.

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You should avoid Tstar full stop


Yep. Lesson learnt

I could’ve told you. They’re a shitty company run by shitty management and with shitty policies that fuck foreigners in the ass.


they do the same at Taiwan mobile, it is so annoying!

I have had great service from GT mobile, but they have been taken over by FET, so we will see how it goes.

T-Star was taken over by Taiwan mobile, both companies I feel didn’t do well in the customer service department.

I was on T-Star for ages

Avoid them

Service going downhill

About to be bought by 台灣大哥大 so aren’t investing in maintaining network (what I was told)

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Best head off to FET then. My partner and I walked into our local FET store last Friday and 15 minutes later emerged with a post-paid plan in my name (ARC) without any hassles at all.


I am also with GT, but my contract is over now so not sure what will happen. Signal has got pretty bad in some areas over the last 6 months

I had FET for a month when I moved here, it was the mobile operator giving out the temporary SIM cards at the airport for the quarantine. Reception was solid.

Now I’m with TW mobile and besides the hiccup of being still registered under my passport and not with my ARC, cannot complain that much. Signal is stable and pretty good coverage, only in some basements couldn’t get any signal while CHT could, but for instance CHT doesn’t have good service in my area in Dahu Park in Neihu, while TW mobile is pretty solid. I did some tests with FET and was comparable to TW mobile. But I get a decent deal thanks to the fubon TW mobile card, getting 5% cashback on my subscription plus some store credit.

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ID cards in my home country too, 10 years. In Taiwan there is not expiry date on ID cards?

I converted mine into a one month rolling contract, unlimited everything 4g for 299, and had this for about 2 years.

The signal thing is probably due to the merger, I think they finalised it in September. That’s why I’m just holding on to see what happens.

Well I guess if they’re being bought, then they’ll be giving TWM spectrum and will result in expanded network for TWM.

But a foreigner friendly company absorbing a foreigner unfriendly company means this rule gets erased. Hooray!

I found them both unfriendly, TWM on a couple of separate occasions, but with most things here it depends on who you deal with.

I have found that TWM is most consistent and no longer requires guarantors AND passports.