No condiments on table in Taiwan drives me crazy

You never ever find a saltshaker in most Taiwanese restaurants, and 9 times out of 10 their food has way too little salt.

Fine restaurants never have condiments. The food is expected to be perfect as served.

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I do too when I make it at home with fresh cheese and sodiun citrate.

Lots of fresh black pepper, too.

What’s sodium citrate do? is it like a salty lemon flavor?

Just be careful and don’t use sildenifil citrate as condiment… you may get an embarrasing surprise.

All I care about…where is the damn proper napkins?

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It’s an emulsifier that turns any cheese into a Velveeta like consistency.

It’s how they make American cheese.

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I stand by my statement: the quality of the food is inversely proportional to the number of condiments on the table.

Lowers the melting point so it woks better on burgers and sarnies, etc.

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Presume you don’t fancy Vietnamese restaurants, or in fact any SE Asian then…



what kind of mentally disturbed person eats plain dumplings?


You can’t use soy sauce in everything. For example it doesn’t work well in wonton soups (they are often way too bland too, need like a lot more salt). It works in beef noodle soup to a point, after which the soup is ruined (not from being too salty, but from losing its beef flavor because they water it down too much)

I didn’t say that, nor have I given any indication to that effect in my comments. We have a good Vietnamese restaurant near our place and, while we don’t eat out often, it’s one of the places we enjoy. The thing is it’s a good one, therefore no need for condiments. The cooks prepare it well and make it to your specifications. They have no condiments on the table, nor do they need any. Well-made Vietnamese food is delicious when prepared properly.

Good Thai food is harder to find where I am.

If you heat up cheese it will separate in fat and liquid, emulsifiers are used to combine fat and water. In a cheese fondue you use starch and white wine, spirit to get it smooth.


A wonderful Taiwanese breakfast this beautiful sunny and warm Saturday morning at My Warm Day breakfast shop.

No condiments on the table as expected!

But, that’s ok because I bring my own to Americanize the meal!


Had you already tucked into the chips?

Or ordered from the kiddies’ menu?



Never been to China?


In fact, no! Not only did they not bring me my order of hash browns, which includes two patties, they brought me the tiniest portion of chips! Anyway, my town, my neighbors, so I didn’t want to make a fuss. Also, I’m fat, so less deep fried stuff is better.