No Email notifications

Did I miss out on something? I don’t seem to get email notifications anymore, neither for PMs nor for topics that I replied to (and didn’t click of the “Watching this topic” button). I checked my profile, “Notify me of private messages” is ticked, I checked the email account on the internet, but no new messages from Segue.

Does this have to do with “new member registering” bug?

Anybody else having this problem?

Hi Iris,

I’ve been meaning to contact you about this.

Your e-mail has been bouncing to me with the following error:

Please look into this from your mail server’s end, or else, Kindly change your e-mail address in your profile to another e-mail address.

(btw, I received your e-mail last weekend – please give me more time to respond to your excellent points)


That’s weird. I can get other emails from that email account without problems. I’ll try and investigate (though support is not exactly helpful with problems).

I changed it to a different account. Maybe you could try out or something?

About my email: I’m actually ready to do it. If you have some material about how to do it, maybe you could send it to me? Or should I ask somebody else?


Seems to work now!


You should be able to find what you need in the Private Area. Basically, I haven’t yet found the partner you requested. But I’m sure we will find someone in the near term.

One of us (admins) should contact you soon – I regret I cannot spend much time on the site now.


Don’t worry. I know you’re awfully busy. Just ask somebody to contact me.