No exit airport check like Carlos Ghosn's escape can happen in Taiwan?

The Carlos Ghosn exit (escape) from Japan was an interesting story. In the United Stated they is no exit immigration , nothing and in smaller New Zealand Airports there even no security checks or ID checks on regional flights ( 7o seat aircraft). Seems Carlos Ghosn who had no passport, was able just fly out Japan and escape, was wondering could this happen in Taiwan with private plane (I see very few Private planes here in Taiwan compare to NZ or the States). Has any flown out on a small plane?

There is exit immigration at Japanese airports. Legend has it that Ghosn did have a passport when he entered Lebanon, and that he got smuggled into his plane in Japan inside a box too large to fit the x-ray detection machine, so that they skipped the checking process.

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This is the part that amazes me about the story. That cant be how a large box got out of a major airport unchecked. It had to involve a lot of planning and immigration higher ups signing off on it…

They are more concerned about what’s coming in than what’s going out . It’s not like they are going to check every piece of equipment going out especially if it was supposed to be tour equipment.

They wouldn’t be checking for explosives ??

Bout the Ghosn type escape
Short answer No
Long answer. No

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Good point …I don’t all the procedures but I imagine less rigorous for private planes or tours.

I’m pretty sure all bags have to be screened. I can’t see a plane letting a large box go completely unchecked.

Right. But even that would have to involve so much coordination. Getting the equip/box w human in it onto a private plane had to involve bribing airport officials …

I don’t think Japanese are easy to bribe. I think it was just he hid behind something false wall in the case or whatever.


If so, that is utterly amazing and I am rooting for him regardless of if he was a jerk in Japan or not.

I think he has a strong case for injustice, Japan has a 99% conviction rate.


Japan’s got to be mad as shit they managed to let this guy slip through their fingers.

People at Nissan Motors Management, yes mad. My relatives living there think waste of time news story, more important things in daily life.

Yeah I meant Japan as in their bureaucracy and not the regular folk. I don’t expect most Japanese people to care too much.

I think not easy (to bribe) yes. But my point at a small airport or where private planes are they may no checks or just one person? Seems in NZ and some USA small airports it’s self check in, more so on flights going out (they seems check better incoming), so was wondering in Taiwan? (I seldom see private planes at Taipei-Taoyuan , maybe they use other airports as I see more at the KHH Airport)

The theory is, they don’t prosecute unless they’re that confident, based on the evidence, so some cases that would be considered prosecutable in other countries are ignored.

There’s also a constitutional limit on the number of lawyers in the country, to try to force people to live together harmoniously. :rainbow: Which partly explains the popularity of the you-know-what…

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Yes, I think so. Though some people think they let him escape to “get rid the problem” keep face have no court trial and possibility of lost case (as mentioned they loss 1% of the time). In Japan most people “admit” they did it under pressure, in this case with this person it was not going to happen.

What did you do, and where are you planning on going?

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Nothing, and I travel a lot. Just curios from the story and my experience travelling that exit checks are not done at all or well. ( I remember at a Japanese airport once a immigration person took all the exit cards and stamped the passport and assume input the data from the exit cards later input it, which would too late is a bad person got out).