No garbage day

It’s Friday, my students are graduating and going off to Senior High. I want to mark the day somehow, and as I am one of the Kings of the Bin, I nominate today as ‘No Garbage day.’ That means, we all try to stick within the rules, we don’t bitch at each other, and we don’t write utter tripe. For some it will also mean not trawling through the existing garbage and stripping further meat from already rotting bones. It will also mean no ‘nonsense’ threads. I expect this to be espcially hard for ‘the chief, Irishstu and Trichardm.’ And ME of course.
Good luck. Lets see who will end up in the bin at the final hour of reckoning. :smiley:

Come on Tom, surely you’re trawling here? This is like the come on insult me, give me your best shot thread right?

I for one will be on my best behaviour today (Even though that’s not saying much).

Nope, this is a ‘let’s clean up our acts thread.’ Two of my bestest posters have killed themselves , cyberly, in the past two days… and I think the garbage and insults played a large part in it.

OK, I can play nicely…=-)

TomHill, You’re not the boss of me.

Well, that is true. This is a plea, nothing more.

Thula sibhanxandini!

Who? I totally missed that.

I finally gave up and decided that the only way I was going to continue to read the forums was to put a lot of people on my ignore list. It’s only been a couple of days, but it’s working so far.

Richard M how does that work? Do their posts just not appear? Do you lose some continuity in the threads? I imagine it would be a bit weird.

It just shows their name and a message that this person is on your ignore list. There’s a link thing that you are supposed to click if you want to read the post, but it doesn’t work.