No hardcover books in Chinese?

Are there no bibliophiles in Taiwan? I’d like to buy some Chinese language novels in a hardcover format, but it seems books here aren’t considered something to be kept for a long time. Why is that? I LOVE hardcover books, and will gladly pay extra for that format.

Maybe try searching for the titles online, and add 精裝本 jing1zhuang1ben3 for hardcover? I have purchased hardcover books in Chinese, although not novels. But I would imagine they exist. Have you tried requesting HC versions at the service desk at Chengpin (Eslite)? Maybe they can order them.

Try SMC Publishing on Wenzhou St. for many beautiful scholarly books and maps on Taiwanese and Chinese culture.
1F, No.14, Alley 14, Lane 283, Roosevelt Rd. , Sec. 3, Taipei , Taiwan
SMC is closed Sundays and every other Saturday.

Taiwan e diam ('the Taiwan Store) just around the corner takes a more populist approach to Taiwanese culture. Many great DVDs, T-shirts, and posters here. … 15c175719d

Xinsheng S. Rd. Section 3 lane 76 No. 6 1F