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I have 6 Taiwan Tougou puppies, I’d like to find a home for. Their mother was pregnant with a foot injury when I brought her home.

She gave birth to 7, but one she killed/ate.

All have been dewormed, and will get their 2nd treatment tomorrow.

They’re flea and tick free, and have been indoors. They don’t have a name, but they’re always hungry, so associating a name with food, will be easy for them to learn.

Puppies are in Sinwu (15 minutes from Jhongli, in Taoyuan County).

I have 3 Males, and 3 Females.

Temperment, I’m not sure…but the mom, I’ll keep…she fits fine with my 2 other dogs. She doesn’t seem to like anyone, except me.

Post here, or IM me your phone number, or email address.

Mom is medium size, around 12kgs.

No longer available

They went like hot cakes!!!

Here’s a little girl I know who might be a distant cousin.

Yeah, they all became restaurant/fishing pond guard dogs.

They will spend their day in a kennel (Around 3 ping), and after closing hours, they are released unto the private property to kill/wound/maim tresspassers…just like her crazy mom does to my neighbors/cars/cyclists now.

I guess I can’t complain…but for some reason, Tougou’s are too protective. Good thing they are medium sized dogs.