No Military Option for North Korea

And for those who do not trust the “Liberal Media”, you can read Sun Yung Moon’s paper…

But does anyone dare to tell kim Jung un that. I’m certain they’d militarize kids if they had to before they give up.

This seems like a biased twist from what I see. Nobody is (or ever was) talking about invading NKorea or anything similar. The dispute was that NKorea wanted to test fire intercontinental missiles “in the general direction” of Guam, specifically in nearby waters. As a show of force.

Top US officials responded to this intel by stating that any hostile act against the US, even in the waters thereof, would be met with equal and greater hostile action. After a few weeks of debating, NKorea backed down. Specifically after China (their only major ally) stated that if they launched an attack first, China would not support them.

These weren’t empty threats. Below is a recent article where Japan was attacked in a similar fashion. This is why Japan said they would also deploy JP/SDF forces in support of the US if anything happened.

Those that are unaware, Japan doesn’t really have a “military,” they have a “self defense force” due to repercussions of WW2. Source, I worked with these troops before. Restrictions were loosened during the Obama administration, but their military is very unlike any other I’ve seen.

Edit – I’d also like to mention, the first article was very well written. The “bias twist” was only in the title and one paragraph where it seems the author thought were going to attack them regardless of a missile attack or not. But I feel the title was meant to be an attention grabber than anything else. The common American doesn’t understand that both sides have heavily fortified positions at the DMZ, which includes defensive sketches of the entire battlefield. So, the article just tries to explain that a new Korean war would absolutely decimate any advances SKorea has made in the past 5 decades.

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And if North Korea throws one conventional missile onto the Fukushima power plant?

What would that do?

Anyone thinking there might be or not be a military option, has to first turn off all Nuclear Power Plants within reach, get rid of all the uranium and plutonium, before thinking of killing a couple of million people.

Oh, now that just made it interesting. Why try to knock the whole table down at once, just kick out one of its legs and it will fall by itself.

The US could be powerless to do anything about it, as NK did not attack the US. But the US would have to reign in Japan -in the same way it had to Reign in Israel during the first Gulf war.

Japan is not so loved in either Korea, nor China. Russians do not really care for them either. Oh that would be a pickle.

Japan does not have many allies in this part of the world. Not many who would go to bat for her. China and Korea would probably just shrug and go “what a pity” if NK attacked Japan.

Breaking news, Steve Bannon was just fired (supposedly) over this contradiction. Guess it’s all moot now anyway. Here’s the first article I found.

The BBC from 45 minutes ago, agrees. The Independent, says “expected”. I will wait to pop the champaign, as the dominoes keep falling.

Its official…

Well, there goes the Breitbart support. And the tailspin that is 45 turn goes on.

I guess that pretty much ends this thread. Go home citizens. Nothing to see here.

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