No More Drinking Outside Convenience Stores in Taichung City

Taichung City just keeps getting worse with Jason Hu as the Mayor/dictator. After deciding to crack down heavily on bars/pubs/clubs/lounges over the past few months, he’s now found the next source of Taichung City’s problems. The tables and chairs placed outside convenience stores are at the heart of the city’s problems. :loco: …I mean, if this was the last issue at the end of a long list of much more serious problems in the city that had been resolved, I’d understand. But it’s painfully obvious that Hu just wants to pretend he’s doing something and not actually crack down on something that would upset his electorate…bloody scumbag.

Jeesh, it’s getting like prohibition down there.

How are people going to cope with living in Taichung without a drink inside them?

How does he manage to stay in power? :loco:

He’s wearing a KMT backpack … lot’s of tricks and money in there …

Simple. He’s one of THE most connected politicans in Taiwan. He has both the political AND the organized crime people. I used to work for him (15 years ago) and you have NO IDEA about the kind of lowlife scum he shares a bed with. I scrubbed myself with Lysol daily for a month after I quit, just to get the stink off my skin. He’s a truly, truly odious piece of shit. A KMT stalwart, in other words.

Like one of the comments in response to the article - What next, remove park benches and bus stop seats?

He studied about the merits of vehicle safety from A-bian .
(No, I’m not going to go any further with that one)

Right, time to unleash the dogs of war - I say let’s get the Taichung chapter of the Foreign English Teachers Union stuck in.

I thought you’d formed a colonial light horse or something. If this isn’t a direct attack on the sensibilities of the Empire, then what is? Time to saddle up your ponies and rope in a few native levies too, surely!

Damn… it really seems like he’s on a temperance crusade or something. Wonder what sparked it? (Don’t tell me “a fire in a bar”… that doesn’t warrant the closing of every single drinking spot in the city.)

Didn’t 9 people die in that fire, you know he was under pressure to resign right? I’m sure it was no fun to go to see the aftermath and deal with the victims families.

Jason has been my source of comprehensible input since I’ve been in Taiwan. I follow his every word, but none of the locals seem to understand a word of mine. It’s very frustrating.

If 9 people died in a fire in a bank, would he be justified in shutting down all banks in the city, and following that up by eliminating all the ATMs?


One thing I dislike about online forums is the way people jump to conclusions about your opinions when you state something.
I’m not saying a fire justifies such a knee-jerk and all encompassing reaction (although it DEFINITELY justifies a reaction of some sort), all I’m saying is I can see why a politician/person who got publically embarassed to such an extent in Taiwan will do these things.

I am fairly sure the only people that will be affected by this new rule are white people with no friends and/or not enough money to go out? :P~

But seriously, In my limited experience, I don’t think I have ever seen anyone drinking outside a convenience store.

If 9 people died in a fire in a bank, would he be justified in shutting down all banks in the city, and following that up by eliminating all the ATMs?[/quote]

That’s the way Taiwan works … everything goes, is OK until something terrible happens … than they try to eliminate, flush out all danger connected to that particular incident …

Yes, that is why I am not THAT surprised about this although I agree it seems really over the top compared to the usual crackdowns.

To give an example, this weekend I visited the Daan beach area near Taichung. There was once a thriving local beach resort there, now the whole resort has been abandoned and no facilities exist. At first activities were still allowed on the beach ‘at your own risk’. Since July ALL water activities have been banned along the whole stretch of beach. I guess some kids drowned there recently. This is the typical reaction of governments here.

:roflmao: I’ve never seen a foreigner sitting outside a 7-11 drinking beer, either. Seriously, who would want to drink a can of Taiwan Beer in 35C weather with all the locals staring at them like monkeys in a zoo?

Told you there was something fishy. Two things:

  1. The speakeasy will make a comeback. By closing legal venues, illegal will grow, more “revenue” is generated. All portholes are close to funnel customers in a certain direction.

  2. HH is not far from the mark. After Ma, Jason is probably the next best bet as candidate, more popular than Wu Den/yih, so he needs good publicity, doing something with high visibility, to keep his numbers high. However, do not view the fire incident as dangerously embarrassing: it’s minuscule compared to other bigger problems swept unde rteh carpet. He’s another teflon coated politician, immune to such waves.