No-MSG Vegetarian restaurants?

I’ve been frequenting a vegetarian restaurant near my place in the ZhongXiao-DunHua area in a drive to eat more veggies instead of so much meat and starch.

The problem is that I’ve broken out in a pimply rash on my chest and stomach, and I’m betting it’s MSG (either that or I truly am allergic to vegetables like my momma told me when I’d curl my lip up at the sight of peas and carrots).

Can anyone direct me to a non-MSG vegetarian place? Especially near where I live?


Are you eating buffet or ‘noodle shop’ vegetarian? If you go to a noodle shop style place just ask them not to put in the MSG - ‘bu yao fang weijin’.

The places to look out for are the organic places. Some organic places are not vegetarian, but have a lot of vegetarian food. Others call themselves ‘Healthy Vegetarian’ restaurants. You can get some pretty good food at these places. Usually you can recognise them because they’lll have some organic foods and cosmetics etc for sale in the shop windows. At first glance they might look just like health stores, so you’ll have to check them out. Also, they’re usually green. Sorry, but I really only know places in my area.


if you’re near zhongxiao dunhua i just discovered a great veggie-organic place to eat. it’s run by this japanese guy and the food is delicious.

it’s in an alley off of anhe road by the anhe entrance of the Far Eastern Hotel. The alley is located right next to the club Easy Five (?). and is a few meters in on the right with a big green sign.

i think this is the “healthy vegetarian” restaurant. The owners wrote a cookbook available at the restaurant. It’s just a short walk from An He, but it’s actually the address here. The menu is all chinese. There’s a lot of pasta, etc, but u can order veggie hot pot, available in 3 kinds: seaweed, thai, or spicy!
Tang Tang Vegetarian Foods
2 Lo Li Road, Lane 42 (Liuchang Li MRT)
2732-1243, 2378-4358
Chinese, Japanese, Take-out