No outing or revealing real names

Well OK, but that’s just the dumbest damn thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Full stop.[/quote]

Golly, you must not have lived in Taiwan very long… :laughing:

I don’t!
Here it is for all to see: His real name is Tiger Man. See? That didn’t hurt, did it?

You don’t out people, but, if they out themselves then, well, Maoman said it before, that’s their problem.

How do you out someone that isn’t hiding? When I reveal my name to others I will ask them to keep it to themselves. My websites don’t reveal my identity.

Does that mean that I could get in trouble for saying that Hartzell is Richard Hartzell, well, does it?

I don’t know ironlady in person but she’s the only forumosan who’s full name I know. And l knew it before this thread had even started. l suggest she take some chill pills.

So what? I repeat, it is still not appropriate to use one’s full name in a post. If no one cares about this, then remove the rule.

Oh boy, here we go again…

Not to be a pedant, but… For the record, Fluffy had nothing to do with editing the “offensive post”. I did it myself, immideately after you complained about it. I also apologized for my mistake, but you blew my apology off, and this thread got started.

Please forgive me, the temptation is just too great…

It’s “pedant”.


[quote=“Tetsuo”]Please forgive me, the temptation is just too great…

It’s “pedant”.


Quite right. Thanks, Tetsuo.

CK – right, got you mixed up with the other poster. However, why you would go to such lengths to defend the use of a full name is still beyond me, unless you’re looking at the edited post and wondering what all the fuss is about??[/quote]

Ironlady, thank you for acknowledging your mistake; I appreciate your candor and hold no hard feelings. I think by now you should do the same for mwalimu, who also made a mistake, and let bygones be bygones.

Happy Friday,

Sorry to disappoint you, but I haven’t made a mistake with regard to mwalimu. It is not accidental when you have to follow a link or two to find out someone’s real full surname and then put it on the page. I am certainly most gratified that he edited his post promptly in accordance with the rules, but I do not buy the excuse “oh, it was an accident”. Typing “hte” for “the” is an accident. Mixing up two names that you already know is an accident. But getting information from outside and deliberately putting it into a post is no accident.

I’m not upset about the whole thing, and I don’t have any problem or grudge against mwalimu. But I’m tired of the whole “Oh, it wasn’t my responsibility” thing in today’s world. It was his responsibility. He did the right thing afterwards, and the whole issue should have been allowed to rest. However, IMHO he has no occasion to expect an apology from me for becoming upset about this, when it is a clear rule of Forumosa.

I’m off to Bali :smiley: :smiley: so go ahead and besmirch my character if you like, I won’t be online for about two lovely hopefully sun-drenched weeks (although looking out the window now at what’s going on out there – nasty rain – it seems most improbable!)

have a great holiday terry…sounds like you need it! :wink:

i do wonder at how much of an issue the name thing really is…it is of course a widespread protocol to use “handles” but it is also quite common on other forums to use real names when two posters know each other thru other avenues…what have people got to hide that they don’t want their real names to leak out?

Did I ever say, it was an “accident?” Yes, I intentionally posted your name - based on a false assumption. Upsetting you was unintentional.

Honestly, I can only believe that you’ve made a big deal about this minor incident because you were upset with me at the time. The fact reamins that your real name appears many many times in postings on this forum (public record). You yourself have posted your full name on more than one occasion, and so have other people. As far as I can tell you did not take them to task for their vulgar breach of etiquette, nor have you seen fit (thus far) to delete your own references to your real name. But in this case, you crap on and on about the rules… :unamused: Am I the only one who sees a wee bit of hypocracy here? I couldn’t care less if you “apologize” to me or not - it’s not a big deal at all. I’ve just been surprised and then mildly amused at what a self-rigtheous windbag you’ve come off sounding. You say you are tired of people not taking responsibilty for their actions in this world! (Again… :unamused:). Well I’m tired of snottiness. But that’s jut me.

Anways… Hope you have a nice holiday in Bali, ironlady. Sounds like fun, enjoy the peace and quiet.

I believe you are wrong on this as the rules state ‘divulging’, not ‘using’. Full stop.
Thus I consider it as acceptable if someone uses your realname if you have made it public yourself before (which you did as I understand it).

On a more personal note I feel your repeated “arguing” is unnecessary and weak given that mwalimu has apologized and corrected the post in question, regardless if he did violate the rules or not.

I, for one, have made comments on my school…positive ones, mind you…and about some of the children and their families (never using real names), and I would not want them to know who I was, even though yes, I have put my face on here (in drawn or cartoon character form only), revealed information about myself and a link to my pretty much defunct personal website (which does not include my name), as well as have met well over 50 people who post on here. I feel that if I want my name to be linked with what I write, then it should be me who does it, not someone else.
I think that’s how Ironlady feels as well. If she chooses to put personal information on a webpage that has a link on forumosa, she didn’t do it so that someone could check that link and use her full name and personal information in a post on forumosa.

If people want to be anonymous here they can do it very easily. If they want to post their names and personal details, they shouldn’t complain when their info floats about the internet.

agree…one click on her www bar and there’s ironlady’s name staring you in da face…i mean really not too many legs left to stand on are there?

Methinks the ironlady protests too much.

It would seem logical that if somebody puts a web link to a page that describes exactly who he or she is, then he or she has waived this right to remain anonymous. This is the only reasonable way to look at it.[/quote]

Chaon is starting to sound like Spock.

But this doesn’t go for one single case. It’s a rule that covers everyone who posts on this website. Just because you can find the info doesn’t mean you should share your findings with everyone on here. Can’t quite see why it’s so difficult to understand.

That is correct but her info is not one that can be found easily, it’s jumping into your face and she has ‘exposed’ herself before.
True, the rules were broken but mwalimu removed the name and apologized, so why not accept that and let it go!?

That said I do not support anyone exposing, divulging or using people’s realname if those info can be found easily, is known (say from meeting at the happy hour) or otherwise made public. Unless of course the posters explicitly permits to do so.
If you state your realname in your signature however don’t complain.