No place like Taiwan for offshore wind power?

Below 3 and above 25 would result 0 anyway.

Annual energy production = SUM (warranted Power curve x Nominal wind distribution)

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Ahh ,I see now sorry. they just get plugged as zero if under or above the 3 and 25m/s. Thanks for explaining!

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Business consideration. Maybe the cost not worth it compare to prospective revenue. Maybe even if they win it, no one guaranteed to buy the expensive electricity. For sure none of Taiwanese nor Forumosan want to buy electricity with price of 7-8 TWD per kWh. Maybe they want to have grip on other market in APAC that likely more profitable. (Cough… Japan… cough Korea)

Currently in Taiwan offshore market, for WTG provider, only Vestas and Siemens Gamesa available (Hitachi not making WTG anymore, Enercon only onshore, GE not entering Taiwan yet, Goldwind & Ming Yang not entering Taiwan also). In JP market, GE, Goldwind and Ming Yang could be more options for them outside Taiwan.

Is this figure correct for electricity usage in taiwan?

237.40 billion kWh

Taiwan is one of the largest consumer of electricity per capita. Only lost by USA and some western Europe countries. They even consume more than Japan.

Current projects already fixed to happen in TW offshore.


A few questions:

  1. Is it that expensive because of local content requirements?
  2. I thought TSMC already wants to buy it all?
  3. Will a company other than Orsted take it?
  1. likely so.
  2. Some projects guarranted by TSMC
  3. It said There are six other bids from single company and consortium, for 6 area of development.

By default, the winners of the 6 not-so-golden tickets are:

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners
Northland Power
JERA+Corio+Swancor consortium (Formosa 3)

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What is the Taiwan Bank about?

Are they investors or lenders for these projects?

Where Taiwan Bank? Prob lender.

Bottom left of you photo, below the flags. writen like it’s an ocean hehe.

maybe they mean like a geographical bank? or a power bank?

Seems geogeraphical bank. Like sea bank (is that even a geographical term?)

ya I dont know either. but there are banks under water hehe

Storing nuclear waste in molten salt instead of fuel rods.

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I love that more R&D is happening and will continue to happen (as it should)! Especially happy that these folks that are striving to make safer nuclear energy keep going despite all these folks claiming it is already so safe!

Imagine someone looking in and watching people say nuclear is totally clean and safe, then watching leading experts devote so much time, money and effort to make nuclear safe :joy: We really are a fascinating species!

As we keep evolving nuclear to a safer state, we should absolutely be spending more on new tech and making renewable sources more streamlined. Seems detrimental to avoid this.

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