No place like Taiwan for offshore wind power?


They are under construction right now and more on the way, even close to Xinzhu.

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This statement not entirely true.
On average a large windmill would kill 1-5 bird per year.
Reason being, windmill attract bugs, bugs attract birds.
(I guess the blades attract bugs due to its shiny appearance, not sure?)
Your friendly neighborhood cats/dogs do more damage than this.

To be fair any kind of power generation you analyze, it would have some impact on the wild life.
Water power/dam -> fish/marine life
Solar panel, cover the grass, helps desertification.
Coal -> air pollution
Oil -> air pollution (not as bad as coal), oil spillage, explotion.
Gas -> gas usually mined together with oil, so similar risk with oil.


Onshore installation as of 2016.

Offshore planned installation


this sums up why there won’t be wind power coming to taiwan anytime soon. when theres a will theres a way and there most certainly is NOT a will to clean up this country anytime within the next century. bleak but it is what it is mates.

Eh? There’s already plenty of wind turbines along the coast and Taiwan has approved multiple large wind farms in the straits. Massive deals.

Come on people it’s just a Google away.
In fact I’ve seen the first few turbines are in the ocean already.

well i mean a substantial amount, like an actual effort towards green energy not just doing something small to look like they did something to show off how progressive taiwan is.

I hope the figures are better now , a couple of years later .
Unless the International Energy Agency numbers were wrong?
Wind and Solar are commendable ideas and supply ( 2017) …wait for it 0.35% of the World’s energy ( but not electricity …that would be just 20% of 0.35%)
If people reallywant to address the current energy issue …nuclear is definitely far more efficient , but of course the Virtue signalling points are much lower .
At least those Tax dollars are supporting some Industries whilst we fiddle away …
Perhaps this article is not accurate ? it seems to highlight some interesting points . I am all for a better solution than burning coal etc, but one that makes sense until we develop an efficient technology to beat nuclear .

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The current goal is to replace nuclear with wind so that’s 10% in 2025 which is pretty … idealistic.

If i may ask. Theoretical question as im not so educted on the technology.

I didnt mean so much use a gas turbine style design so much as the casing around such a contraption. So if a more or less typical wind turbine blade structure has a ring around the outside it is connected to, this should probably add greater stregnth to blades during high wind speeds.

Averages are all nice, but not overly usefull as 9am winds are on par and 6pm winds are strong and may burn out the gears…what then? Of course we see lots of turbines lock and stop in such situations, but what if they were built like the above with a rim and connection? Perhaps that would cause too much resistance in low winds, like you mention above, to turn? But not talking of gas turbines as you pictured, more like single layer blades that i would think, as an ignorant curiosity, wouldnt restrict low wind loads too much but be more robust in high wind speed areas/periods…?

Or stupid thought?

There are several problems with that idea:

  1. Typical turbines have 3 blades. 1 MW turbines have 60 m diameter. You need a 60+ m material to connect between each blade to each other. This would add cost significantly.
  2. It wouldn’t add the strength that much. The weakest point of the blade is near the nacelle (i,e, centre of the rotor); while you strengthen the outer edge.
  3. That contraption would make the blade cannot pitch. This significantly both lower the performance and make it even more dangerous.
  4. It would increase drag significantly. Usually blades designed to minimum drag and maximum lift. Large drag makes the blades cannot “run” faster than the wind. You want the blades “run” faster than the wind for better power output.
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Taiwan has been working with the U.K. to develop its offshore wind farms (or starting to work with). As someone pointed out earlier you can always find jobs posted on line for engineers in this area.

How did you get the number 1-5? I’m trying to get my head around what the actual range is, using 1 as average(as it’s so close to 0) kind of throws me off a bit.

What’s the median casualty number per windmill ?

Also, why is the average a range of 1-5 and not a fixed number?

Actual observation data?

Birds are not stupid, you know. They see one of them getting hit by a spinning blade, they would stay put from the splash area.

Think it like why you rarely hitting a pigeon while driving in normal speed.

Road kills are happen when they can’t see your car running 100 km/h from their dead angle.

2 of those sources are dirty and dangerous. 1 is not.

This, where is this number from ?

how many birds are killed by cars? :slight_smile:

The above says 89mil to 340mil per year in the us alone.

Anyway, I cannot see how that is relevant to where this guy got his numbers. His stats seem a bit suspect, which is why I am asking.

i totally agree.
i find it funny for those who worry about birds being knocked unconscious by a windmill or windfarm
if we worry about all kinds of animals, we’ll be back to walking with our two feet and sailing between countries


So, to be clear, I got no issue with birds being shredded.

I am merely asking for this guy to clarify from where he is getting his information, as said, its seems a bit dubious.