No place to live in vs no place to live. Prep/Obj questions

Please help me understand and explain the logic of these sentences.
:heavy_check_mark:I have no chair to sit
:heavy_multiplication_x:I have no chair to sit.
√ I have no place (nowhere) to live.
× I have no place (nowhere) to live in.
√ I have no house to live in.
× I have no house to live.

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That’s interesting. “Chair” and “house” are nouns and require a preposition. One lives in a house and sits in a chair. “Nowhere” is an adverb and doesn’t take a preposition. But “place” is obviously a noun. I would say that “no place” has come to serve as an adverb phrase equivalent to “nowhere” in some situations. I see it even has a definition here:

But is “I have no place to live in” wrong? You might live in a place, after all. But you live somewhere, not in somewhere. It seems like hyper-correction

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you might have no place to live in, but live on a street.

On a street :slight_smile: Or the street :slight_smile:

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Or under a bridge.

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Are you calling me a troll? :slight_smile:

You are like this? If so I will call you a troll.


mmm, zucker

I have nowhere in which to live.