No romantic feeling ,will you break up with your bf/gf?

Friend of mine and her bf are in a strange situation.
She can’t feel there is any romantic feeling between them.
She thought they were more like family than lovers.
But she doesn’t know if she should break up with him and being just a friend of his.
She also knows she won’t stay with him for a long time.
Because they meet someone else but don’t let each other knows.
Just they still have something wistful.
So she asked me :
Should she break up with her bf and being friends or keep staying with him (but cheat each other.)?

The answer should be beyond obvious. If the feelin’ ain’t there, it’s time to move on.

I can’t see any reason for a couple that don’t love each other any longer, to keep sticking together. With one exception - if they are married and have kids. It’s not as if there aren’t millions of other potential partners to choose from on this island.

Or maybe she’s afraid that if she breaks up with her boyfriend, she won’t be able to find a new boyfriend? An understandable fear, but a foolish fear. Lots of people think that and stay stuck in bad relationships for that reason, but in reality it’s not too difficult to find a new lover.

Back to my premise that the world is full of cheaters. Even cheaters in denial.

Romance ebbs and flows. It seems like today that if the Western ideal of romance isn’t there in a relationship, people are apt to bow out of the relationship. Going on to the next on looking for that “spark”.

I’m all for good chemistry in anything one is involved in, espcially relationships. Who wants to be with someone who’s nose picking is no longer cute or that attractive giggle that now sounds like a hog call. Yet, there has to be something else that,IMO, feeds the relationship, other than chemstry.

I know that the OP said ‘they feel more like brother and sister’. I’m assuming that the relationship has gotten routine or they realize they only had sexual attraction in common. Either way, what’s the point of being with someone if it’s not healthy?

Just my 2cts.

On second thought, I think they should get married.
Since there is no romance there will be nothing to be missed once their relationship is legalized.

Well, I mean if that’s all there is, why not just bond with your real sister? I have a brother, but even if I were gay, I wouldn’t be in the least bit attracted to him. Romantic spark is at least a bit part of the exotic. Girls that look nothing like your sister. I’ve never had a sister, but even I can see that. These “natural incestous” cliches are really tedious. Example of the psuedo-Freudian stupidity - “Yeah, but like, what if you are gay, and you have a twin brother, won’t you want, to like, fuck yourself?”

But back on to the main topic…yes, there are 1,000,000 guys/girls out there exactly just for you. “Yuan fen” is bullshit, even if it is a good line to slip Chinese girls into your bed. It’s all about luck and who you happen to meet. If the relationship gets boring, move on. That’s what most people do. Until they get kids. Then they are forced to stick together. And I wouldn’t wish such a horrible fate, marrying a person just because you knocked them up, on…well, half of my highschool. Happened anyway. Think about it.

The girl I am dating now, the first thought in my mind when I see her is, “I wanna rip your clothes off and…” well, leave the rest to your imagination.

Shouldn’t that be the way for all relationships?

If you aren’t feeling that way towards your lover, then something is wrong. If you are looking at him/her and are going, “Eh, yeah…” then, please, break it off!

Admittedly, I have never been in a long-term, multiple-year relationship…so I can take some advice from the married couples here. Do you still feel the burn? The lust to rip off your wife’s clothes after 20+ years of marriage?

And put you in something that doesn’t scream “8th grader tween!!!”


I’m just onto my 2nd year of marriage, but by now, the important stuff we debate now is about what flowers to put in the garden and stuff like that…
We go out now and then with friends and always try to make the best of it, cause we both work at the same company, so we are together like 24 hrs a day…

The spark is long gone, now there is commitment to each other (the thing called family, you know)…

After nearly 20 years together I still get the urge to rip my wife’s clothes off but I nearly always resist because it’s just so damned cute, the way her panties cup my bumcheeks.

I didn’t think you were meant to wear anything under that there kilt, boyo.

I suppose we could make an exception for some lacy frillys.

I was talking about the other spark…

Give us a nice air conditioned room (at least in the summer) and we will be hard working for the future of our family, you know…

As an air conditioner repair person…

we say that in blacksmith house, the sticks are of wood… so I guess you don’t have AC at home…

Can you be friends with your EX?

Only until you get a new GF.

here’s an alternative solution the Japs got: … geNumber=1

“Sex with human girls was better, but I hate the process of dating,” he said.

Yeah a lot of mine were bootie calls. We held onto the sex and dated other people. Then a few got pissed when I found a new girl with chemistry that also was “interesting.” Of course the interesting ones also became eventual bootie calls. Then I moved and I feel so lonely. Lol.