No Taiwan ID# on passport= No Conscription?

Hi everyone,

I just got off the phone with the Taiwan TECO office, and they told me that as long as I don’t have the Taiwan ID on my passport, I should not be worried about being drafted. Can anyone confirm this? I can’t find anything in writing that confirms this.

Just to give a quick background, I was not born in Taiwan, but I’ve had a Taiwan passport for most of my life. I never actually lived in Taiwan. I just got my US citizenship a few months ago and would like to go back to Taiwan this summer for 2-3 weeks to visit relatives. I’ve been getting conflicting information about the whole conscription issue, and it’s getting rather confusing.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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You are safe as long as you don’t stay in Taiwan for more than four months at a time (born 1984 and earlier) or 183 days per calendar year (born 1985 and after). There’s plenty of material on official websites pointing directly at these limits. You could still be safe even if you break these limits as they can’t draft you without household registration - how else, e.g. compel household registration, they would do it absent household registration has been my question.