No topics or posts met your search criteria

at busy posting times, page 2 and up of these gets you “No topics or posts met your search criteria” if you don’t click on it withing milliseconds of loading page 1. any way to change that? makes the feature useless at times.

When I click on “view new topics” I am only allowed to see the first page of new stuff. When I click on “2” or “Next Page” I get the above message. Strange stuff. And very irritating. I don’t suppose anyone knows the reason for this odd message?

For some reason, you have to do it quickly - I’m guessing that if anyone makes a new post between the time that you click new posts and second page, it mucks things up… :idunno:

That could be it…but then again Maybe Mirand’s requirement is higher than the quality of nost of the poste here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, it is very irritating - here’s what causes it:

[quote=“Someone at”][url=phpBB • Search in large phpbb's?]When you search, phpBB caches the search results to make it quicker to retrieve the next page when you want it.

This cached data is stored in the database, and there is a finite limit to the amount which can be stored. If it is too big, the cache simply doesn’t get stored and you have the problem which you have seen.

One possible way to get results from another page is to add &start=number to the URL

eg … t&start=50[/url][/quote]

Good egg, goose.

It can be annoying. Until it’s sorted out, try this:[quote=“joesax”][quote=“jdsmith”]I’m not getting kicked out, but I am losing all new posts from time to time.[/quote]I occasionally get that but it’s been better recently. To avoid losing new posts, try doing this:[quote=“joesax”]_As_soon_as_you get the first page of new topics, go down to the link for the second page, right-click and select “Open in new window”. Do the same for subsequent windows.

If you are too slow doing this and someone posts in the meantime, you should be able to get back your full “new posts” list by clicking “new posts” again then following the above procedure again.[/quote]If you’re using tabbed browsing as in Firefox, Opera and some add-ons to Internet Explorer, it’s much easier to do this.[/quote]

I will look to add the pagination links to the top of the search results page - this will save you from zipping down to try get to the second page before someone posts again

I have to run out now, so if you don’t see this done tonight, remind me tomorrow