No tracking # post office pickup

My friend sent me a package to the local post office (my apt mailing system is a mess and I dont understand how to use the 711 system) only she didnt get a tracking number.
So my question is, how do I get them to find said package? My ID? Show them the picture? In the past when Ive ordered I just always gave the tracking number.


Why did you post this address?

Is it a problem? Its not my house, just a post office. Showing the only info I got on aforementioned package sans tracking number

Not if it isn’t for you. It’s the address of a post office? I’m kind of just trying to figure out what you’re asking. I don’t think they’ll be able to do anything until they attempt to deliver it. I’m assuming the address of your house or a PO box is somewhere on the package?

Ill try again.
How do I pick up this package from the post office without a tracking number?
Yes, the address is the post office my friend sent the package to.
Does the simplification make more sense now?

I think so. Your friend sent the package to the address of a post office with your name on it? Your address or a PO box number is not on the package anywhere?

Does this help?

How to Recover Lost USPS Tracking Number?

Did your fried write “poste restante” or “存局候領” and your phone number on the envelope?

If not, anyway you can try to go to the post office with your ID. The package maybe unusual thing at the post office, so they may know what it is if you she the photo of the address.

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