NO VICTORY! MORE PRESSURE! [Made by a child in Taiwan? ]

read this story from Internet and especially this quote: “We’re going to
resurrect those nearly extinct domestic skills so
we are not always buying things produced by a
child in Taiwan.”


Better yet, email her and tell her off! Hehe.

FORMOSA, a child in Taiwan, er, Korea for now… … %2C00.html

Move over, Martha: Native Utah lady may be next
domestic maven

Associated Press


Rural living is a little
different on Mary Jane Butters’ farm.

  Hens lay eggs. Workers fill bags of dried

soup. Editors prepare the next edition of her
magazine. Television producers call.

Butters presides over the bustle,
positioning herself to become the new Martha
Stewart while the original maven of gracious
living prepares for a January securities-fraud

  Clarkson Potter, a Random House branch that

also publishes Stewart’s books, will pay Butters
$1 million for two books that highlight the
rural skills and do-it-yourself philosophy she
has developed on her organic farm.

  The first book, "Mary Jane's Gathering

Place," is scheduled to be published in spring
2005. The second is tentatively due out in 2006.

  The book deal has started a stampede in all

things Mary Jane. A newspaper column, which had
been appearing in three free weeklies in the
Northwest, is being shopped to nationwide

  Television producers are calling about

doing a show. Butters isn’t sure she is
interested, because of the travel and time
required. She made it a condition of her book
contract that she not have to do a book tour.

  There are even discussions about a line of

household products ?from peelers to purses ?under the Mary Jane brand.

  Butters sees herself as a model for new

economic vitality in rural areas, and a conduit
between rural women who produce goods, and
shoppers looking to buy those goods.

  "I'm going to be an approachable Martha

Stewart, a rural Martha Stewart, in my home,"
said Butters, an apple-cheeked blonde with a
backpacker’s sun-burnished skin. “We’re going to
resurrect those nearly extinct domestic skills so
we are not always buying things produced by a
child in Taiwan.” ******************************???

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Well done, Formosa. You are the very embodiment of your thread.

Yes, Soddom, so now let’s hear your comments. Checkmate!

What is the world was she talking about? Do children make things for export in Taiwan? And this is the lady the US media is tooting as the next Martha Stewart!

Perhaps you could ask her for some advice on your share portfolio.


Her Web site is in case anyone would like to write to her and tell her she’s been paying to much attention to making cottage cheese and not enough to world trends. What a stupid bitch.

If everyone here sends in a comment, perhaps she’ll get the point.

I hope that you can post her answer. Anyone eloquent interested in a letter to the editor of the sorry rag publishing that stupid comment?

In the US, lots of small town folks like Mary Jane are ignorant and prejudiced about the outside world and fear competition from outsiders. A few years ago Thomas Friedman railed against ignorant provincial US congressmen who never traveled out of the US. I read his great comment on that in his book on globalization, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, but here’s an excerpt.

A Manifesto for the Fast World
Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times, March 28, 1999

. . . when I listened to the infamous 1994 class of freshman Republicans – and when I hear echoes today, with the likes of the House majority leader, Dick Armey, boasting that he has traveled abroad only once – I heard mean-spirited voices. . .Many in Congress are reluctant to go on trips abroad. They think it looks bad to their constituents. Too bad. They want all the respect and benefits that come with being an American in today’s world, but without any of the sacrifices and obligations that go with it. They should come to war-torn Africa . . .

And, Mary Jane’s not the only one afraid of competition from foreigners.

U.S. Tariffs on Steel Are Illegal, World Trade Organization Says
NY Times November 11, 2003


It was an associated press wire story, so writing to that one particular paper forumosa posted will do diddly squat. I see links for at least three papers that ran the story, and there’s probably countless more that ran it that don’t have a real web site. Write to Mary Jane directly.

Oh yeah?

Once, my former us boss offered me this gem of knowledge:

“The only reason to that US has to be a global power is that it’s the only place which is not screwed up”.

He said so in front of an Aussie, a Dane, and a Brit. We made him eat his words quite quickly.

The worst thing is that those words came from a man, who’s spent a decade abroad.

All right, but it’s not fair. The worst case of child labor I have seen here is the kids helping out in their parents store. But then, I have only been living here and travelling to the place for the last decade.

Child labor in Taiwan? The GIO should
pounce on
this one.

And the CETRA. and CNA. and Taipei Times.

Was she thinking again that Taiwan is part of China and child labor is in CHina, and China./Taiwan are same thing? Wow, that a dummy! Not fair to call her a bitch. Just a dumb american.

Are there any reporters from those papers lurking here?
Blast the lady to Kingdom Come.

  •  formosa/ child laborer

does anyone know how to make this into an international media story that will educate everyone, including the lady in question?

This is the kind of quote that should be in NEWSweek or TIME or PUNCH.

Punch it up, dudes!

There seems to be quite a mountain being made of this little mole hill. Many rural people all over the world are not knowledgable of world events or politically correct methods of communication. Most could care less. If she gets a few dozen e-mails, she should see the error in her remark.

Dude, this isn’t a rural person, but a shrewd businesswoman who just got a million-dollar book deal. Certainly she can hire people to help her with correct methods of communication.

She lives under a tree.

Mary Jane may have ment Thailand. I’ve met lots of folks who don’t know the difference, and don’t care. “Some small country in China, Thai land, Tai wan, what’s the difference?” That’s a real quote.

i sent her an e-mail…quite enjoyed giving her a good ticking off…let’s see if i get a reply

I can’t wait for the response. :smiling_imp:

I bet she’ll put out a yoga instruction book on how to put your foot in your mouth.

Well this explains everything:

"Butters was raised in a large Mormon family in Utah. "

(That was just a joke, before anyone gets their panties in a bunch.)

Me wrote a letter too. Did not get abusive, but if we keep it up… Any way to generate a bit of publicity in the US?

Some of you lawyers posting here must have some connections?