No way to stop Beijing

From Reuters 01/25/05…

The United States should intensify its opposition to China’s proposed anti-secession law aimed at Taiwan because “quiet diplomacy” would not resolve the volatile issue, according to a senior Taipei official.

Joseph Wu, Taiwan’s top official for China-Taiwan affairs, told Reuters in an interview late Monday, there may be no way to stop Beijing from enacting the law, which Taiwan and U.S. officials say will inflame cross-straits tensions.

Ha ha ha ha… Can you see me doing my happy dance?

why is that a cause for celebration? Doesn’t that mean China is one step closer to invading?

Of course there’s no way to stop Beijing enacting that law - it’s a seperate government entirely from the other two involved. The US and Taiwan have nowt to do directly with the enacting of laws in China because neither of them run China.


Ha ha ha ha… Can you see me doing my happy dance?[/quote]

You should spend less time doing happy dances and more time posting things that are even worthy of debate :laughing: . Beijing can’t stop the passage of any law in Taiwan either if the law has the full support of the legislature. Duh. :unamused:

Maybe I should do a happy dance because there is no way for anyone to legally stop me from taking a holiday in a week. Go ahead everyone…just try and legally stop me. I dare you. :smiling_imp:

The Anti-secession Law will allow Beijing to hunt for anyone acts against this law. You could be arrested because you had supported Taiwan independence causes. This law applies to all Taiwanese and foreigners alike. Be careful on what you have said or done, before and in the future.

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