No Whites Allowed: The Lefty Segregationist Thread

It seems there are some here think that the left is not racist, that progressive racism died a long time ago. Here’s a thread to set the record straight.

Never mind that Affirmative Action is all about race. There is a movement right frickin’ now from the left calling for racial segregation in the United States.

Remember, folks: whatever they say, the left stand for only two things: divisiveness and hypocrisy.

…and there’s plenty more. A little Web searching is all it takes to cure ignorance. That, and the willingness to become informed.




Can’t think of a better way to describe it.


Will arguing with someone who cites Alex Jones lead to anything meaningful?


Moving on.


I don’t know what your taking about here but none of those appear to be credible news sources.


I for one am getting a bit tired of these threads.


Amen, brother. Or, sister. Allahu Akhbar!

This has existed for a long time, along with Elvis being seen on the moon and many other things that somehow manage not to cause the end of civilization.

Do you have evidence that it’s successfully mainstreaming itself? (Like, an academic study?)

rowland seems a tad… unhinged.

90% of all the political threads seem to be started by you, and they’re all equally insane and misinformed. You cited bloody “Info Wars”… by the douche who thinks the kids shot in Newtown were “crisis actors” and that 9/11 was an inside job. Jones has zero credibility so by believing his crap you have zero credibility by proxy.


Y’know, when I saw the title of this thread I thought it had something to do with underwear and left-handed people. How disappointing.


You all now have no excuse.

What’s your excuse?

Alex Jones ate my homework.


Academia is one stinky and racist place. :laughing:

@rowland you didn’t answer my question.

Then at least show us a Brownist study of the issue. :roll_eyes:

The US is 76% White.
Taiwanese or Asian people living in California always have the delusion that Asians are the majority group of the US.

Stop capitalizing “white”, it’'s not a thing.

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California is a huge fucking state. This is simply not even true unless the person somehow never left China town in LA or something. Even then, people of Asian background don’t sing kum ba yah and all get along. Most of the state is not that racially diverse.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Yeah it’s always a liiiiittle offensive when I hear people attempting to generalize like that. The irish are so different from the greeks, who are so different from the polish who are not identical to italians, who are nothing like the scottish, who definitely aren’t the exact same as romanians, who are wildly separate from the swedes.

Like, c’mon guys, let’s practice what we preach - equal opportunity diversity and inclusion.

Hi, from California and live in California here. I can confirm that that is definitely untrue. I invite you to visit - you’ll look out on the streets and see an unmistakable melting pot of people.

Can’t speak for Delaware or New Hampshire or any other state that I’m not from. Do we have small pockets of ethnic enclaves where there is a blatant majority of one ethinicity? Yes. But, I can tell you that most of my state is absolutely diverse.

With all due respect, it was a slightly silly question.

The indoctrination comes first and the mainstreaming comes later as a consequence. That’s how these things have always worked.

And Affirmative Action is pretty mainstream right now.