No Whites Allowed: The Lefty Segregationist Thread

Against my better judgement…but, my insomnia needs satisfaction…

Who the hell cares what happens at some podunk CommCol? If you do not like it, do not go.
“Oh, but my tax dollars…” Yeah, whatevs. Get over it.

My tax dollars go to crap I do not want to pay for. I did not even have a say in it. You know, things like sinking more money into billion dollar jet fighters that do not work.

If you are white, you cannot complain. You already have a leg up simply by being born the way you are. I posted this in another thread, but it bears repeating here. So what if a few minority groups want to be a little un-inclusive and try to tackle issues within their communities themselves? Besides, it is not like no white community is trying to re-introduce segregated schools. 50 years after passing the VRA and CRA, despite GOP opposition, they are still being contested and now…they have a sympathetic ear occupying the WH.

Do white nationalists speak for all rightists? Do black nationalists speak for all leftists? Does the Lunar Embassy speak for all Elvis fans?

Fifty years ago you would be telling us the civil rights movement is all about black nationalism, and people like Malcolm X would be the proof. (“We will defend ourselves” – remind you of anyone who’s been in the news lately?) People like MLKJ, no matter how many more supporters they had, would be irrelevant.

Yet Malcolm X didn’t really achieve mainstream respectability, whereas MLKJ did, basically.

So again, do you have evidence that black nationalism (or segregationalism) is successfully mainstreaming itself? Picking up buzzwords like “safe space” isn’t convincing.

And if it is successfully mainstreaming, how does it compare with the increased visibility of white nationalism in the past year or so?

Affirmative action (US-style) is not about segregation, so it’s not the issue here.


No evidence that will convince someone in denial.

A few years from now, we’ll see. Because this trend is building momentum right now.

I’ve observed a pattern: people of a certain political leaning deny a thing can possibly happen and heap derision on those who suggest it might. They protest too much, it seems. Then, the thing happens, and they all melt down. Then, they try to explain it away. A few even try to deny the thing actually happened.

But enough about that last presidential election. How’s the Soviet Union doing these days? How about Obamacare? Oh, and even a crazy old lady is throwing Antifa under the bus now.

What were we talking about again? Oh yeah. Something that’s starting to happen, but is bound to fizzle out somehow, because… well, just because.

But actually, it’s not even about that. Changing the subject back to what it was: leftists are segregationists. The hardcore leftists are quite open about it, and the rest at least have the decency to deny it. But the people actually implementing segregation in this day and age are… who they are. And they’re not on the right. Deal with it.

I’m going to ignore Rowland’s last tl;dr post and pile on the ridiculous “White” label, because that’s more fun. I’m Jewish. So I’m white, right? Some supremacists would disagree. What about a light-skinned Hispanic person? Are they white?

It’s not weird to you that not one single person seems to agree with you on anything that you are spouting out. Like not one. Nobody is denying it because there’s nothing to deny. Please just show your true colors and admit you’re a ridiculous white supremacist or white nationalist. Pretty much exactly the same thing.

I mean what you’re really trying to say here is there a white genocide that’s going to happen right.

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“If you challenge me, you must be a Communist!”

Even @jotham doesn’t argue that badly. He usually just calls anyone who disagrees with him a Keynesian.

It’s not starting to happen. I repeat:

Let me know when (if) you’re interested in having a serious conversation. Until then, I wish you many pleasant, non-segregated days. :bowing: :grinning: :bowing: :grinning: :bowing:

OP received one like. :rainbow:

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@rowland can you just tell me what’s this horrible thing that’s going to happen very clearly.

Crisis actors+ “White genocide” + Antifa - our guns = profit???

I just hope rowland isn’t turning his cram school classes into an Info Wars training ground.

The new Apartheid like the old one in South Africa?

And I also learn the shocking fact that East Asians like Chinese, Japanese, etc were in the “White” category with the Afrikaners.
I’m actually White!

I heard that most Asian people during actual real segregation in the US went to the white bathrooms and stuff. Not sure if it’s true. There doesn’t seem to a lot of information about what people from Asian countries had to do during segregation. Because most East Asians pretty white in terms of skin color.

BTW, my African American ran away.
Has anyone seen him?

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Found him! :grinning:

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Tango42, the most incredible the original source is the better. You have your mouse and your keyboard.

All you have to do is do a search for the details of your particular story and would will find it on a so called reputable source. Or you will disprove it.
If the story is true with real names and real places you are bound to find collaborating evidence. I for one love right week radio commentators, but I alway have to share my stories that my favorite radio personalities tell me via reputable papers like the Guardian or Washington Times.

Ok, I have not read these above stories but I’ve read enough like them. I’ve seen footage of a University, perhaps Berkley not allowing white students to access a major pedestrian entrance. They forced people to walk around. I would have been beat up, because that was my thing. Bucking rules like that in school. But these kids actually beat up fellow students for being white. Go figure. I still don’t want to believe what I saw.

This thread sucks.


You asked for it.

No one asked for it. No. One.

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According to Rowland, Andrew asked for it.