Noam's opinion on WikiLeaks and more

I love noam as his opinions/views are not motivated by potitics,racism or affiliation to an organization.

[quote=“bereal”]I love noam as his opinions/views are not motivated by potitics,racism or affiliation to an organization.[/quote]

A lot of his claims are hard to substantiate beyond coincidence, but maybe I’m demanding too much from a theoretical scientist.

I feel like I often catch him making outdated claims on some topics to make his accusations hang together coherently, but I can’t expect anyone to be an expert at the breadth at which Noam Chomsky talks. In this case, his comments on China have ignored a decade of change in directive toward information age competitiveness. China’s not just a manufacturing hub anymore.

[quote=“bereal”]I love noam as his opinions/views are not motivated by potitics,racism or affiliation to an organization.[/quote]

Noam Chomsky

The first rule is of critical thinking is to…well…THINK!

According to the website, Chomsky has made the following statements about Israel, Jews, and the Holocaust:

* “I see no anti-Semitic implications in denial of the existence of gas chambers, or even denial of the holocaust. Nor would there be anti-Semitic implications, per se, in the claim that the holocaust (whether one believes it took place or not) is being exploited, viciously so, by apologists for Israeli repression and violence.”
* “I objected to the founding of Israel as a Jewish state. I don't think a Jewish or Christian or Islamic state is a proper concept. I would object to the United States as a Christian state.”
* Israel is “a state based on the principle of discrimination. There is no other way for a state with non-Jewish citizens to remain a Jewish state…”
* “Israel is virtually a U.S. military base, an offshoot of the U.S. military system.”
* “There are a great many horrible regimes in the world. To take just one, the world's longest military occupation. There's little doubt that those under the military occupation would be much better off if the occupation were terminated. Does it follow that we should bomb Tel Aviv?”
* “Of course [suicide bombers are] terrorists and there's been Palestinian terrorism all the way through. I have always opposed it….But it's very small as compared with the U.S.-backed Israeli terrorism.”
* “I mean you’d have to go back to the worst days of the American South to know what it’s been like for the Palestinians in the occupied territories.”
* “What this wall [separation barrier] is really doing is…helping turn Palestinian communities into dungeons, next to which the bantustans of South Africa look like symbols of freedom, sovereignty and self-determination.”

Of a pattern with this animus toward Israel is Chomsky’s involvement with neo-Nazis and Holocaust revisionism. This saga began in 1980 with Chomsky’s support of Robert Faurisson, a French anti-Semite who was fired by the University of Lyon for his hate-filled screeds. (“The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews form one and the same historical lie,” Faurisson wrote.) Chomsky penned a preface to a book by Faurisson, explaining that the latter was an “apolitical liberal” whose work was based on “extensive historical research” and contained “no hint of anti-Semitic implications.”[/quote]

Well…Noams’ got that goin’ for him.

Holy CRAP! This should have classic post status! :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:

Holy CRAP! This should have classic post status! :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:[/quote]

I took him to mean something like “politicking.” Chomsky doesn’t act on the behalf of any political party in particular, as one would expect from an anarchist. He’s not more objective in his claims by default, but we tend to see that explicit loyalties affect objective judgment.