Nobody Seen Me Do It, Can't Prove Anything!!!



Ex-Taiwan Air Force. Damn amazing recovery with only seconds to spare. He or jet manhandled it to the right and then level again.


To be fair he’s flying freight. They don’t let those cowboys near passenger flights until they’ve done the 18 month retraining in Australia.


More analysis.


Well it sure beats a Colt 45 to the temple I guess. This is pretty raw stuff.


Seems he had the intelligence to do better in life

Needed faith in himself if not in God

It’s pretty incredible he was able to start the plane and set up for take off and take the plane off safely and fly around for an hour

All without any training

Other than perhaps flight sim if that

Should have let them talk him down

Write a book


He not only flew, he did some serious aerial maneuvers.



Quite a story and they say this plane is not easy to fly single pilot
Needed a happy ending