Noisy neighbor resulting in serious lack of sleep: what to do?


If you follow this (probably illegal) route, make sure there’s no CCTV to capture your smiling mug though.


All you can do is a whole lot of nothing…

Unfortunately all the landlord/police/EPA can really do is try to convince him to stop and unless he’s making a lot of racket at 3am not a whole lot can be done about it.

Even if he violated noise ordinance it’s not like the EPA will do that much about it. Maybe a fine or something or perhaps the transportation department can see if the scooter was illegally modified but that’s about it.

You may consider soundproofing your apartment better. Drywall works really well and most building supply store will have it (it’s called 石膏板)but will not always have it on hand. DO NOT let them sucker you into the other smaller more expensive stuff (called 矽酸鈣板)because that stuff is a pain to cut. A sheet of drywall over the window will block out most noise.

Either that or convince your landlord to invest in 密氣窗, but chances are he won’t because it’s expensive though you will save on cooling because it’s better insulated.


No, police can wait for him outside the building and fine him. Tell him to remove the exhaust.


Photoshop up a fake police thingy and stick it on his scooter.


Do NOT do that!!

That’s called 偽造文書 and it is a serious criminal offense.

Posing as a government official is pretty serious here as a lot of scammers do that


That makes it not so serious then. Because they are not scared doing it.


Neighbors used to do it all the time to me.

Right outside my work right now there are fake sign saying to not throw your trash here and it’s “signed” by the government.

Who cares, everyone breaks the rules here. It’s how you get shit done.


Remember people complaining about Taiwan immigration policy? You wouldn’t want to be on Apple Daily cover because you made a fake government announcement. Especially as a foreigner.

All it takes is for a cop to see it and realize it didn’t come from them. And it’s better be in Chinese too because the police rarely, if ever write in English.


I wish that would happen to me…
I have a lot of shit to say about Taiwan publicly.
I won’t apologize like that Bananna wusss

63k subs on YouTube and slowly growing…I’ll get my chance soon.

Seriously everything I do is newsworthy here in Taiwan. TVBS should just follow me around 24/7. I kick up some serious shit (for Taiwan news standards anyway)

Yesterday on TVBS I watched a 7 min segment where some dude bumped a ladies umbrella in Taipei. They had to recreate the scene and everything… yikes!


That happened to me once, right in the eye! Lady Gaga took off!


I have already made a few signs around my area with Xi Jinping on them telling people to not throw trash and that it’s official orders from China! I put them right next to the other fake trash signs I see people make around here.


You seriously think police know what’s going on? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

They are too busy playing candy crush on their phones. I WISH police actually did something here…but they don’t.

I wake up everyday and pray taiwan will enforce some fucking laws…it never happens dude.

I love Taiwan, that’s why it makes me so angry to see the way some issues get dealt with (or not) here.


From my experience, noise has always been an issue for me living in Taipei and New Taipei. Ever since I moved to Hsinchu, it’s been nothing but quiet.


It’s 氣密窗, or airtight window. Yes, it’s expensive, but it does block out much of the noise.


When the window is closed.


You want to keep the windows closed in Taiwan anyways… almost everywhere is going to noisy until like 3am.

I’m not saying you’ll get in trouble for posting phony government notice but you never know how things are around here…


Chinese people can be really inconsiderate of other people, good luck trying to deal with noisy neighbors, you will need it!




You not have something better to do with your time then nitpicking on my posts? Last time I checked Republic of China (Taiwan) consists of 95% Han Chinese people. Maybe you should know by now?


Don’t feel special!
@the_bear nitpicks everybody posts :joy: