Noisy neighbor resulting in serious lack of sleep: what to do?


If I have this problem, I will do the followings

  1. As soon as the noise starts, call 110 for police, complaint about the noise. Usually police will arrive within 10 minutes. The police will talk to the guy about the problem. Hopefully this gets resolved in a couple of times.
  2. If not, call 1999 (the city government) ask about solutions. Sometimes, the agents at 1999 will forward the issue to higher up police staff, then dispatch local police with a tougher attitude about the problem. More than likely, the guy will back down.
  3. At the same time, record the problem on a daily basis as evidence. If everything fails, take the case to court and sue him.

I have done all of above, and resolved lots of issues with neighbors, with traffic violators, even with elected representatives.

In Taiwan, the legal system is almost free, just like the healthcare system, very accessible. In any case, if you feel your right has been violated, talk to the police, ask other party to have a discussion at the police precinct, and have a record. Taiwanese is very intimidated going to the police precinct.

In the process, clear communication is very important. I will advice you write down the issue, translate into Chinese(even using Google translate), have a friend look over and make necessary corrections.

It gets easier and easier, once you know the process. You might enjoy your personal legal drama in Taiwan.


This is Taiwan, her people are known as Taiwanese. It’s not an ethnicity.

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Thank you so much for your advice!


Dealing with noisy neighbors waking you up is annoying as hell. Sleep is one of the most important parts to a healthy lifestyle.


The scooter can’t make noises if it can’t start.


This was honestly the first thing I thought too and @finley also mentioned something to this effect, but…well, ya know.


I heard scooters that get modded often have mechanical problems.


Do you get a reward if you report a defective scooter to the Police ?
I think so :thinking: :innocent:


So, is it just me who thinks this isn’t an issue ? It’s like 5 or 6 so it’s not like in the middle of the night …

Perhaps the op could just get up a bit earlier …


What about retired people or night shift workers? I don’t go to bed until 5am sometimes , as I have to deal with the USA in real time. Reasonable noise …not much you can do , but 5am is not "reasonable’ and excessive noise is inconsiderate at any time.
I just think that decent people in any environment , would consider others.


whats up with your windows? i live on busy road and i dont hear anything if its all closed


Don’t purposely give possibly illegal advice. This isn’t a joke.


It’s one thing to wake up around 5 on your own. Another to have to do it because someone’s being a douche


I don’t think many retired people mind. Have you been to any public park around 6am?

If you go for a run riverside around 6 there will be tons of old people doing some weird excercises


Yeah, 5 is a bit too early, c’mon… I could excuse it if it was happening at 8 each morning. But 5? Gtfo


That’s just an alarm clock; you supposed to be up cooking breakfast for someone.

The whistle goes “Woooooooooo!”


I might be good for you and others. But, seriously, you don’t know the OP’s schedule. I mean, lot’s of people teach in the evenings, come home after 10 p.m. 2 hours of unwinding, bed around midnight. So, you are saying they should set their alarm clocks for 5 am, wake up fresh as daisies, in order to avoid noise pollution?


Isn’t more problem a loud noise for 25min than 5am?